Thursday, July 12, 2012

quick update - chemo time

Today is chemo day. Chemo day is stinky because we sit in a room full of old people (nothing against old people of course...old people are adorable...but they get to control the tv and they like the volume really loud) and they give J meds to make him sleep and lets just face it...anything related to chemo is just stinky. Justin has had a really yucky past few weeks, we are very prayerful that after the initial sickness the chemo will give his body a good jump start. We have had some pretty discouraging situations recently regarding his overall health so we are asking you to put you prayer pants back on!
He will have this infusion today and then again in 14 days. This usually wipes him out for a couple weeks so specifically pray for energy (maybe a little for me too) and limited side effects. Thanks folks. Justin and I have discussed recently how we get to share this suffering with Bryce. It hurts our hearts that a little 6 year old has to know that daddy is sick or at the dr all the time. But, we can redeem that. With our words and our attitudes and our daily dependence on God. We can make it scary for him or we can show him how gracious and merciful our holy Father is. We get to just live our regular lives and make this part of it just a sidenote. We will never let this illness define our family. We pray that Bryce will remember that NO MATTER the outcome. And hooray for cute little babies (whatever I know they are toddlers) that dont have a clue and think that its funny to punch justin in the port.

In other news...
We LOVE summer!!!! I never realized how delicious summer was when you have kids in elementary school. No schedule, no waking up early, no lunches to make every day, no rushing etc.
The highlights of our past few week include Bryce getting to go to Pine Cove base camp! Taking the babies to the new braunfels childrens museum with Courtney, celebrating the 4th of july with my dad and justin and the boys and the Srps at the river house (YAY!!) and lots of other playing with fun friends! A few pics...

Now check THIS out:
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