Wednesday, August 29, 2012

back to school

We miss summer! We have had a great first week back at school...but man we really do miss summer!

We were on our way to life group last sunday and stopped for a little impromptu photo shoot. They were being major cheesers. I said go stand by that tree and this is what they did!
They have all really grown :(

first day of school pancakes!

it is hard to believe that this little boy started first grade. just yesterday he was born. 

Brody LOVES his new teacher! He is going to have such a great year. 

Big boy Brody on his way to class!

These brothers were VERY excited to see each other after a morning apart. Of course they started fighting 10 minutes later...but nonetheless this was a cute moment. 

Now I get to have a few hours of sweet time with this little nugget in the morning. 
He insists on wearing a backpack (he calls it a packpack) like his big brothers. 
It is empty. 


Monday, August 27, 2012

cross the line with me

I have been reflecting a lot lately on my prayer life. I feel like it may have gotten a little off course over the summer. I find time to pray daily and I find time to be in the word and be accountable with friends and mentors pretty much daily...but I just realized that somewhere in the fun of summer I lost the "umph" in my prayer that I need desperately. There is always an opportunity to draw nearer to the Lord during quiet time...a little red line into sincere quietness and seeking that sometimes I just dont cross. I am always given the opportunity to cross that line. Every moment of every day. He desires me and pursues me. He can find the time to draw near to me in every second of every day. How can I get so caught up in my life to not return that precious favor? Even when my life is submersed in ministries and bible studies and mentoring...there is still a huge need for one on on personal time with my Creator. I have been feeling a huge burden to reconfigure my prayer life...and then i was fully awakened this sunday at church. It was so clear to me how I can move forward and get out of my prayer "rut"...I am grateful for how He shows us just what we need. All I needed to do was lift my eyes up. His help is ALWAYS on the way.
Just when I think I am getting comfortable in our current circumstances...the Lord reminds me that complacency is NOT part of His plan for me. Standing back and watching things happen is NOT how the Lord designed me. He wants me to draw nearer to Him. EVERY second of EVERY day. I am ready to recommit my life to praying for the Lords will to be done in every aspect of my life. Jesus died on the cross and rose again. My husband can be healed. I will NOT grow apathetic and although I may grow weary at times I will not allow myself to become stagnant in the the spirit. He is alive in me and I better not take that for granted.
He makes Himself so present in my life...I am going to make myself just as present in His.
I will never have it all figured out. I will never know the full plan. I will never be able to express my gratitude for His hand in my life. I will try and I will fail. I will need to "recommit" 100 more times in my life. I am elated that this fire is lit and I am anxious to see where God brings our family next.
It is NOT always easy...but it IS always good.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

we heart the fickeys

Here is what is new today: My very dearest friend and her family need YOUR help. They are living out what the Bible mandates us to do. Satan wants to get in the way. We are not going to allow that are we?? There is a little angel baby boy WAITING for the Fickey's to come get him from the Congo. The adoption fees have DOUBLED from what they originally planned for. They NEED us ya'll. This baby boy NEEDS us to dig deep and find $5 to give. More would be a blessing, but if everyone we know gave $10 and then they told all their friends to give $10....we could be done with this in a jiffy and on to the next thing! There are several ways to help. You can come out tomorrow to 179 Bentwood in Boerne between 3pm-5pm and buy some yummy lemonade and baked goods from some REALLY cute kiddos (hopefully sam and my two little will leave some treats for everyone) and make a donation OR you can simply make a donation through paypal. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for this family, share this with your friends and please consider making a donation. This family has spent the past 2 years raising awareness for the orphan crisis AND money for OTHERS to adopt.
Please read KATIES BLOG and share the link! Please ask your network of friends to consider making a donation. Even $5 is enough to make a difference!

So you read the blog and you can't wait to donate right???
Great. Here is the paypal account! OR we will see you tomorrow for some yummy treats!!

misty mac

Sunday, August 12, 2012


We are so very sad that summer is coming to an end. I love summer to pieces. I love the freedom we have to just hang out. I am looking forward to fall weather for Justin's sake, but we really really dont want summer to end! We still have two more weeks and we are gonna party hard the rest of the way....but here are a few things we have been up to:

We got a chance to celebrate Justin's graduation with friends. He was such a dork about the whole thing. He wouldnt allow me to invite many people to dinner. He is so private and hates to be the center of attention. Clearly opposites attract :) We had a great dinner at Pappasitos and although I would have LOVED to throw him a huge bash with the whole town...this night was all about JUSTIN...and he wanted it small. I am so proud of him and am grateful we have friends who are just as proud!

So this adorable thing happened the other day and I am so happy I had my phone
 to catch this sweet moment

My friend Mandy and I took our kids to emerald rainbow and our big kids tried out the velcro wall. 

We made a new friend. His name is Colton and we are already so in love with him. I am excited to have met Colton's mommy because now Brody will know there are other kids around that are as cute as he is! I see a great friendship blossoming here :) Sidenote: the pic was supposed to be of just Brody and his new buddy....but ALL the macs loved Colton!

I cannot remember if I already shared this information, but I am excited to announce I am now teaching bootylates (yup...i made that up lol. its a barre/mat pilates infusion) AND TRX with these cute gals.
 I am grateful for this new opportunity! My prayer is that I will be able to train just a few hours a week so that I may minimize the amount of time I am away from my family. Wish us luck!

My boys visited the dentist! Well...Bryce and Brax did. Brody was not so interested. 

We took another trip to the childrens museum. 

We got to see Carter Welch!

We saw the new baby sea lions at sea world. 

Braxton had his very first ice cream cone!

Brody was tall enough to ride the shamu ride this time!!! (please stop growing brody. asap.) 
So Brax and I headed to the carousel. 

Lots of fun and more to come!