Thursday, July 29, 2010

update on us in pictures...

Bake Sale Day!
Some great friends of ours planned and baked their hearts out to prepare a bake sale to benefit Zambia. The kids worked hard to raise money for fresh and clean water...well minus all the goodies they ate on their own :)

Brody took a break from all the work to pose for some cute photos...
shopping at the garage sale
how could you pass up these cuties??
bryce said "buy some stuff!!...or else!!"
brody, the professional sign holder
cutest kids in town!
so so so proud of these guys!
we got the chance to run over to the river house for the day
and brody was just too cool for school!!
brody fishing

aunt debbie got out the hammock and bryce hopped right on!
bryce and dylan on our marathon playdate with the carletinni's
ms. mindy's fun game for the kiddos!
my little fisherman braxton
brody got new boots!!! (thanks sam fickey!)

baby shower #2 of the month
congrats leeanne

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

God's Plan for my calendar...

so lately i have been ON-THE-GO! which is VERY much the norm for this mama...but while browsing at my calendar the other day...i really started to think. we are jam packed. playdates, mops stuff, dr. appts, therapy appts, meetings, training sessions, preschool stuff, visitors, lunches and the list goes on and on and on. what concerns me is that while we are super busy and stimulated and "un-bored"...and at the same time spending googles of time at the church and with loved I doing what God is calling me to do...or am I just doing what I want to do? am i pursuing the friendships that he is sticking in my face (i think i am getting WAY better at this...i have been listening recently and it feels so so so great). am i helping others in the way that i am called to do in this i just doing whats convenient? my time is very very precious. the kids lives are going by just too quickly for me to say aloud..and part of me wants to stop and smell the roses...but the other part of me wants to continue to fulfill our lives with all the cheerfulness and chaotic-ness that we mcelhannons have mastered (well sort of)! we make new friends everyday, the kids are so deliciously and giggly happy, we never sit around and wonder "what now", we dont have time to get dragged down by silly gossip or drama or nonsense like that (which...hello...who really does have time for that...BUT we literally just DONT have time for it) we pray together, laugh together, cry together, do our best to be kind to one another and most of all have FUN together!! but am i doing it all the way that God has planned for me to? am i REALLY listening to Him? i just don't know. i am just so controlling (GASP.) that sometimes i have a hard time remembering to shut up and sit in the passenger seat. i want to wake up in 15 years with no regrets (not ENTIRELY impossible??) i want to fulfill my life more and more each day...i want to enrich my children and husband...i want to teach the kids to give God all the glory...i want to cherish the moments...i want to stop and praise more often (bryce does this a LOT lol)...i want to raise Godly men...i want to stand back and let justin be the spiritual leader...i want to be the woman He created me to be. i need to clear my calendar to accomplish these things? for now i am thinking no...who needs to sleep??
now that that is all settled... i better decide to find the time to finish sewing brody's napmat and paint bryce's shelf :) OH...and love on my preciously sad teething baby :(

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


the ol' blog got a makeover today...i heart naptime!

the picture is just a "temp" while we plan our family portrait. we have not had that done since bryce was one....and lots of things have changed since then. so look for an update there soon.
i am currently sewing brody's napmat! i cannot wait to post pics of the final product! i found the most adorable fabric to use (well he found it when he pulled the whole row of fabric down at joanns). i have finished the 5 week cleanse (no carb) part of my diet plan and lost 15 lbs. i am slowly (very slowly) integrating healthy carbs back into my diet and am continuing my workout program. Only 5 more lbs to go and I will be back to a weight that I have not seen since many diaper changes ago! The hard work is paying off (pats self on back) and I feel better than EVER. More energy is the biggest blessing.
Sidenote - Brody has been asking for a kitty. Seriously. Someone restrain Justin...because he does not know how to say no to Brody!!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

just a little saturday night smile...

we took the boys to chuck e cheese for our good friend abby's 3rd birthday!

braxton had a good time
brody found a slide! (his fave)
ben and bryce got some yummy cupcakes!
bryce and justin played this game for EVER!

Friday, July 16, 2010

useless info

1. i cannot wait to see ramona and beezus...LOVED those books!

2. what is the point of music videos? who gets to see them?
3. next sewing project = brody's nap mat! cannot wait for him to have a big boy nap in ms. kathys class!
4. Vacation Bible School was a success! We painted bandanas, glittered lots of stuff, made a handprint fire, water colored horses, dot painted boots, lasso painted, finger painted wild flowers, colored, stickered and learned about the Lord! I am worn out!
5. i love living in a place where you can go to the post office, the grocery store, target and old navy all in one hour (and see forty three people you know)....traffic is a sad pastime
6. yesterday i caught myself looking for a "good" parking spot at the gym....AHEM LAZY!
7. i have recently realized that table etiquette is important to me.
8. singing praise music at the top of my lungs can change ANY mood to good
9. i hate when i see a preview for a movie i love but it does not come out for like 75 months
10. i really want to tie dye something...everything actually

Saturday, July 10, 2010

another picture post posts lately have just been filled with pictures. not much "meat". BUT we have been so super busy lately and there is just never a chance to get on here and sort my thoughts out. are some more pics! enjoy!

i took the boys on a walk this afternoon...this little stinker had so much fun! i dont think he could have smiled any bigger if he tried!
two shirtless cuties
an action shot....crawling like a naughty little boy
my chubby buddy!
fun friends at sushi night

baby shower things

lori, sara, heidi and me hosting christi's baby shower!
used a mops centerpiece from a previous meeting (thanks kelly) to make a very special little prayer tree for guests to hang a prayer for baby hannah on
my first ever diaper wreath!
another glimpse of the tree and you can also see my very first pleats on the table runner i made
crummy pic, but i made a precious flower ball to hang over the other table runner i made and the cute craft! we had the guests decorate bibs for baby hannah!
i love little tins...i always find an excuse to buy them at the target dollar spot
pennant flag with baby's initials...
you cant tell in this pic, but i glued little butterflied in between
another look at the cutie little tins
nana suggested i take a picture of all my stuff before we put it out...i decided this was a good idea in case i ever get super lazy and do not feel like doing crafty things, i can always look back and remember that once upon a time i made time for craftiness :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Independence Day!

What a great day! We had a great family work-out followed by an amazing service at church. PRAYER. How simple. But, OH.SO.IMPORTANT. God answers them...God waits for them...God listens to them. Speaking of answered dad come to church with us! Thanks Pop Pop!

We also had an amazing 4th of July celebration with some very wonderful friends! Thank you Bourgeois Family for another awesome holiday!!!

obviously i do not have a fancy camera...but here is a picture of the amazing view we get when we hang out on the bourgeois patio!!!
bryce's first roman candle!!!
the first firework of the night
bryce riding logans bike
Pop Pop with his Pop Pops!!!
love this guy
best baby on the block
stinkin cute!
this little man was ready to party!!