Friday, October 16, 2009

fantastic fall

Brody loves pumpkins!
They had to see EVERY single one before we picked the pumpkin!

My big boy Bryce

Fall Soccer
So Fall is off to an official start and we have been extra busy enjoying every day! I have been making yummy things like pumpkin cake, chicken and dumplings, vegetable stew and chili!!! Fall soccer has started up again with the YMCA, Brody just loves to cheer on his brother! After haircuts today, I took the boys to the pumpkin patch where we spent atleast an hour browsing through the 19 million pumpkins to chose the perfect ones for our porch. Bryce got a gigantic one, Brody got one about the same size as he is and they even picked one out for is about candy corn sized :)
Big News for Baby Brody...the 2010 Down Syndrome Association Calendar has been released and our little muffin is (drum roll please) MR. FEBRUARY!!! Ugh its too flippin adorable. God is so amazingly stinkin great.
With the fall decorations and cooler weather some heavy thoughts have been placed on my heart. Memories of my mom come flooding in and the pain of her missing out on this beautiful time of year with my boys is pretty yucky. For some reason I keep thinking of the few days after she packed up and moved to Heaven. I think of the shock I felt, the hurt, anger, confusion and fear. The day Justin and I went to pick out her casket and plot...the anxiety we felt as the man brought out the price list...the discouraging feeling that none of the caskets were pretty enough for her body to lie in. Walking through the grave site to see the available plots was so disgusting, none of those pieces of ground were where I wanted my mom to be. None. As we sat in the cold room making these decisions, deciding how him and I alone would come up with the money to pay for it all, I just prayed to God that he would make it go away. That she would call me that minute and say it was all a joke...or that she would even call and tell me what she wanted me do do...tell me that the dress that I had purchased for her was perfect. I wanted to know that she would forgive me if we had to have her cremated (which we did). At a certain moment while I was sitting alone in her back yard crying over all these heavy decisions that had been placed upon me...I felt this overwhelming wash of peace and comfort. I immediately made the decisions that needed to be made and never looked back. For some reason this pretty weather made me think of all this...and I am not really sure why. I am thankful to God for my strength and His constant reminders of His love for me. Now bring on some more of this fantastic fall...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

28 weeks

So baby Braxton Lee has been cooking for 28 weeks. Only 100 million weeks to go...
Everything is looking great, he is now the size of a Chinese Cabbage. I do not like cabbage at all so I am anxious for him to grow into something cuter and less smelly. I will keep you posted on that. Some of my adorable friends here are giving me a baby shower for him and I am very excited. Although registering for your 3rd child is NOT nearly as fun as it was the first time around. It was a much more practical ordeal this time. I am so blessed to have such sweet friends that love to love on me :)
We are getting pretty settled in the new house. We have gone from about 90 thousand boxes in the garage to about 20. I still have things to put away like out China (which is soooo pretty but I cannot really think of a day we will ever get to use it). Maybe when we grow up! My beautiful mommy gave us her Christmas China before she moved to heaven and then my dad recently brought over their china that they accumulated while married. So now I have 3 sets of fancy pants china and nobody fancy to serve. One day. Until then....we are paper plate kind of folks :)
Everything else is great. Boys are busy, loving preschool, loving the new house and loving God.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nashville Pics

our amazing hotel
convention with 4,000+ women

a few boerne girls

Last week I was able to attend the MOPS Convention in Nashville. I missed my boys SO much, but had a GREAT time preparing for our year, learning about God, praying, bonding with some amazing women, visiting the Grand Ole Opry and much much are a few pics!

drum roll please.....



Bryce was so worried Brody was going to get him dirty lol

i WILL get every single lick of this cake!!


Rainy Day Super Hero Party with the Simmons Boys!

More Brotherly Super Hero Action!

Bryce and Brody's Pajama Birthday PARTY!