Sunday, June 28, 2009

No Fun

There has been so much sad news in the media lately. First, I have sooo many memories of watching Ed McMahon on Star Search. That was like my favorite show...and I would always do little shows and make my parents give me "stars." And who didnt love watching him ring the doorbell of a 900 year old woman and hand her a humungo check! Farrah Fawcett was more of my mom's kind of gal...but it is just so sad to know that anyone had to endure the horrible struggle of cancer. She had the same type of cancer my mom did and watching her story made the pain that my mom was going through so very real. She had the money to fight the cancer off in the best ways, she had chemo and radiation and then special treatments in Germany and she STILL suffered tremendously. In the end the nasty cancer won. I pray for all families who have that horrible diease touch them in some way. Justin and I have been singing and dancing our little butts off to VHI, FUSE and MTV the last few days with the MJ videos playing constantly! An American Icon has passed away, and altough I may not agree with all of his worldy choices and I may have never sent my kids over to a playdate at his house, you gotta admit he is a LEGEND and his music changed so many lives! And lastly, BILLY MAYS! Bummer, because his obnoxious and way too loud voice could just sell me sand in a dessert. I loved that new show pitchmen and EVERYtime the OxiClean commercial came on (for whatever reason) Bryce would get so excited! I pray for no more sad news and I pray for each of these peoples families...especially their children. It is unbearable to lose a makes me sick to know there are so many others enduring the same amount of pain as I am.
In other news...we had a great weekend! It was two days of absolute relaxation! We did our best to stay out of the HEAT (as many of you know...I am a fainter)! Today we had some fun at Pottery Paint with some great friends...I can't wait to pick up Bryce's T-Rex when it is all ready! Brody has his 9 month check up tomorrow (we are finally getting around to it!) so lots of prayers while we visit the dr. tomorrow!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

its thursday

I am 13 weeks pregnant now! Baby #3 (that is what we are calling it right now since we don't know the sex) is the size of a peach. Another website said it was also the size of a large shrimp...but I dont like shrimp. Anyways, I am feeling zillions times better! I am not feeling sick anymore, Praise God, although I am still a little tired in the afternoons and I already have to pee one hundred times a day. Please keep baby #3 in your thoughts and prayers. Pray that baby #3 stays in as long as he needs to develop well and grow strong. Pray for him to be healthy and just as perfect as my other two :)
Brody has made some MAJOR big time steps the past few days! He can now get into the sitting position ALL BY HIMSELF! From a lying down position he maneuvers his way up and then gets so excited for himself (because we have been practicing this!) that he flaps his arms up and down like a little birdie about to fly away! He is in 4 point (hands and knees) for very extended periods of time now and is getting so much stronger on his feet! He can also....drum roll please...HOLD HIS OWN BOTTLE!! Way to go Brody Todey!!!!! Bryce was our very independent child and he would not allow us to hold his bottle after about 4 we have been anxious for Brody to master this! Bryce is BY FAR his biggest fan. He drug all of our VBS friends over today to watch "his baby" feed himself and sit up. It is so heartwarming to watch Bryce's excitement for "his baby's" accomplishments.
Working at Vacation Bible School has been so fun for our whole family. We do kinda drag out of here in the mornings...BUT all 3 of us have had a blast each day. The boys have been making Justin all kinds of goodies to hang in his office.
Tomorrow is a very, very special day!! My Mom's 60th BIRTHDAY! Birthdays have always been a VERY big deal in our family. My mom always gave me HUGE birthday parties with tons of friends and presents. She always made sure everyone felt special on their special day. She would hang banners and bring big fancy lunches to school or work for my friends. She has gone above and beyond every year of my life, for the time Justin was in her life and for all 3 of Bryce's parties she has bought extravagant presents and party favors....SO our family has decided that we will be celebrating my moms birthday tomorrow because birthdays were her favorite. I hope and pray that I am able to make birthday's in my family as special as my mom always managed to do.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day

After an awesome message at Church we took the boys to Berges Fest at the Fairgrounds! Justin took Bryce on all the rides and me and Brody watched from a nice shady spot :) They had so much was Bryce's first time to go on rides alone! We all ate tons of junk food and made sure Justin felt super spoiled on his Fathers Day. Bryce had helped me make breakfast tacos for him that morning..he wanted to bring him breakfast in bed...BUT I just did not see Bryce bringing tacos into my bed as such a great we skipped that part. We are so blessed to have Justin as the Father of our family. He is such an amazing man, an incredible provider who spoils us endlessly, a devoted husband and basically SuperDad! The boys adore him...but for some reason Brody has this special bond with his Daddy and I have to say I am a little jealous :) Brody practically melts into a puddle when Justin walks in the room...I mean dont get me wrong he loves his mommy too...but its nothing like his adoration for Daddy! We had lunch today with Justin after Vacation Bible School and the whole time Brody just sat there cooing at Justin, smiling at him and saying ooohhhh dadadadada the whole time! Speaking of VBS...I am so blessed to be a part of the Kindergarten team at our Church! We had so much fun playing with the kiddos and making crafts. Bryce and Brody went to their own classes and they had a blast too. Brody is very spoiled at our church...nobody EVER puts him down. He gets loved on the whole time and we are just so proud to be a part of such a wonderful ministry.



I took the boys to the BergesFest Parade on Saturday and they both had so much fun! Brody watched from his stroller while Bryce ran around like a crazy man collecting candy, hi-fivin' clowns, chasing helicopters and making friends! We found a nice shady spot to sit so we didn't die of heat and it was just overall a fun time!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Brody's Calendar Pic

As many of you know...Brody was chosen to be a model for the 2010 Downs Syndrome Association Calendar. We are not sure where his placement in the calendar will be (although we think he deserves the cover)BUT here is the photo that the photographer submitted!

These pictures are a few others that we purchased from the photographer. They were not submitted for the calendar, but they are precious memories of Brody at 8 months!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

more fun pics

After church today, we headed to the Flying L to have a swim day!
I meant to get more pics of the kids with Justin at the waterpark...but we were just having too much fun I didn't want to stop and grab the camera!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


They boys LOVE the water! At our blessing before dinner, I thanked God for two such beautiful and healthy and precious boys and Bryce said "MOM do NOT forget to thank God for the swimming pool" Once again Bryce has his priorities in line when in prayer...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

i love summer

We are all really enjoying the summer time! It is so nice to eat snow cones and Popsicles and play in the pool. I am really trying to enjoy it now because I know as I get bigger its going to get HOTTER and that is no fun at all :) I am very excited to not be 7 months pregnant at this time of year like I have been twice before. I am 11 weeks now...which I really hardly consider pregnant! I am starting to feel better in the mornings...I am able to eat a little better...and every single smell 17 miles away is not making me want to cut my nose off my face. I made it to the gym this morning and I think I will be able to get back into my regular work out routine in the next couple of weeks. My hair is already starting to get dry-ish, but thankfully my skin is under we just have to keep my butt under control LOL. I am starting to get a little emotional these days, little bitty things hurt my feelings and I have been hurting for my mom. I have never done this without her and its super scary to not have her by my side. I lived with her when I was pregnant with Bryce and she lived with us when I was pregnant with is just weird this time around. I am so blessed for everything she taught me. I am so glad that I was able to give her two grandchildren before she moved to Heaven...I am so glad that she was able to fluff my wedding dress before I walked down the aisle...hold my head up while I pushed out Bryce...throw me a graduation party...hang my pictures in my dorm at college...hand me tissues after my first heartbreak (then say i told you so HA)...and love me and my family so unconditionally everyday of our lives that our hearts are forever spoiled rotten! I have been able to go into her closet at my house lately and I LOVE to just open the doors and smell her. I can't believe that she smelled like old lady...I so did not think of her as an old lady. Lightening may strike my bedroom tonight for saying that...BUT for the record, its a LOVELY old lady smell that I just cant get enough of!
Please continue to pray that we have a healthy baby! We are SO ready for God's next gift for us. I know He will continue to use our family in great ways.
Brody is becoming the life of the party...socializing and cooing and flirting his way around town. He reaches out for people he wants and then bats his long beautiful eye lashes at them. He is for sure a ladies man. I have a road of trouble coming my way with him and Bryce...they are just two little precious fireballs! Bryce has been getting lots of mail from his Pop Pop (my dad) which is the excitement of the moment! Pop Pop sends really cool toys and pajamas and party supplies that mommy does not he is pretty popular in our house these days. Bryce thinks his Pop Pop is a Cowboy for his job and that he lives in the airport. We are always picking him up and dropping him off naturally Bryce thinks that is his home. He talks to my dad on the phone almost everyday...and they strictly talk about man things. Deer food, fishing, kayaking, Lightning know...guy stuff. I love it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

a few pictures...

I have been a little lazy on the pics lately, but here are just a couple. The water pics are from about a month ago at Flying L Waterpark and the bath tub pic is also from about a month ago. I will take some NEW pics this week I promise :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


1. Brody is doing great! He has his 9 month check up this week so there will be more updates on him later this week. Currently he is weighing in at about 18.5 lbs! His OT continues to come every other week and she is always so proud. He is standing in 4 point (crawling position) for extended periods of time now and is learning how to go from his side to the sitting position! He loves to sit like a little frog and looks so precious when he does.
2. Bryce the crazy is just still my little stinker. He keeps this house a-movin! He is quite the character and really keeps us on our toes with his observations and commentary. He has just a couple weeks left of the June school program, where they swim and play in sand, and then he is all mine! We have been staying busy with playdates and trips to fun places and have a packed calendar for the rest of the summer. Justin and I took him to the movies to see Up and he loved it!
3. Pregnancy is not my favorite. I have been ultra - yucko - sick ola! I have yet to be good at the pregnancy thing and I think I am better at the baby part. We have had some ugly news with this pregnancy that I don't love. I am considered "high risk" and have been ordered to take about two hundred and ninety tests, see a specialist or ten etc. etc. However, we have prayed about it and decided that Brody is not a "problem" for us...He is the baby God chose for our family and if God wants to give us another one just like him...then we are really lucky. I would not trade Brody for the world and we like him...A LOT! I dont think its fair that I am considered high risk beacause I made one baby that does not look like everyones elses. testing and crazy stuff for us. We are ready for this baby and will love it just the same as our other two crazy kids no matter if it has three heads, eleven toes or some other little precious design that God adds while making him.
4. We have been ON THE GO! I had my MOPS Steering Retreat and had a great time planning the next super fun year for Boerne Mops! I am so blessed to be a part of such an amazing team of women. God really places us in the most amazing places. I had a great time subbing last week at the preschool...other peoples kids are of course not my favorite...but I really enjoyed it and liked the kids :)We all had a great time at Waring General Store Steak Nite, I think its going to be a monthly tradition! Now we are getting ready to head to Flying L Guest Ranch for a swim day tomorrow and then a neighborhood garage sale this weekend.

Keep us in your prayers!