Sunday, August 30, 2009

farm pics

Bryce and Pop Pop shooting the gun! He thought it was SOOO FUN!
Brody Tody being his happy little self...not really sure what happened to his pants though

Big Boys on a 4 wheeler ride, Bryce was obviously not ready for this picture, but he was having a blast! We couldnt keep him off of it :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So today was my first day at work and it was a success! Our church preschool needed a substitute teacher for the year so that is my new gig although it is pretty part-part-part time lol! Today and Thursday are teacher work days so I have the teachers kids (plus my own) and it was super fun. We have not left our house by 7:30am in ...maybe ever. So it was a slight challenge getting the 3 of us dressed, lunches made, breakfasts in the belly etc. but we managed and we got there in one piece. Next week I will work again on Tuesday for meet the teacher (which is also a full teacher work day as well) and then Thursday I will be off because I dont want to miss my guys first real day of preschool! Brody is going to be the cutiest little school man :) He already had so much fun today playing with all the toys...but it was kind of cheating because I was the teacher! We are anxious to meet all our new classmate friends and get back into our routine. My camera is broken so I am having a slight meltdown because I absolutely need it to be working for next week. I may have to buy a new one this weekend...but I am just not ready to admit that yet.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Well the weekend is over! We had a very busy few days with lots of visitors and now we begin our fresh and full of fun things week. Justin's parents, sister and nephew drove in Friday evening from Houston. We went to SeaWorld on Saturday (and yes it was as crazy as you would imagine the last Saturday before school started!) and Bryce had a great time! Shamu's trainer came over and talked to him and gave him a high 5 and that was totally the hilight of his day! Sunday we got to go to my grandparents farm house in Moulton to meet up with my Dad. He wanted to bring me my mom's china and some pictures and other misc. items of hers. We all always have such a great time when we go there! I can't be sure if Justin or Bryce has more fun :) The boys rode the 4 wheeler, went on a couple jeep rides AND Bryce got to shoot the gun. He shot a water bottle and it may have been his proudest moment. My Dad got lots of great pictures on his camera and I will post those as soon as I get them from him. As always, Brody's smile was the hit of the day! He is such a sweet and loving boy.
I am learning to feel a better peace about where my mom is now. I still yearn for her voice daily, but my heart is starting to slowly heal. I have begged daily for God's strength and although I know I will never fully heal...I am now starting to find some peace. As I encourage one of my dearest friends through her loss, I see how strong our precious Lord has made me and it is very reassuring. I am very comfortable with the fact that I will never feel OK about her being gone, a day will never go by that the memory of her voice and caring words do not bring tears to my eyes and the feeling I get in my stomach when I think about her is here to stay. I am grateful for these strong emotions and pray that God will let me feel these affections forever.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Blessed be the Lord...the God of our Salvation.
So many times we are able to place satisfaction in the hands of a person or object. We can blame hardships on trivial things. We take our situations for allocations we believe we deserve. I am guilty of this as well at times as it is easy to get caught up in the moment, but it hurts the most when I see beautiful people who have not strengthened there relationship with our Lord take advantage of their blessings. We have to look at every situation as an opportunity that He has bestowed upon us...and these situations are not always the best. We are challenged, things are taken from us, we make mistakes, we stop listening to Him...but His constant love for us allows us to get back on track at any moment and praise Him for our blessings. He is constantly validating us and blessing us with such glorious gifts. When things were the hardest, like the day Brody was born, the day of his surgery and the day my mom died...I WHOLE heartedly handed my life to my Lord and He took care of me. That was a very difficult thing to do when part of me just wanted to scream and be angry and curse the "misfortunes" that were falling upon our family. Over this past year my relationship with God has manifested into the best relationship I have ever had in my life and I am so grateful that He wrote my path so difficultly so that I was gifted these chances to further my bond with Him, to learn my own strength and to be reminded exactly who is in control of my life.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

food things

Brody has added some fun new foods to his diet that I thought were worth writing down! He is now eating olives, oranges, baked ravioli, vegetable soup (the ABC kind of course), spiral pasta, tator tots, turkey sandwich and fried calamari...yeah you read that right! He is an eating champ! He will eat ANYTHING! I just hope it stays that way. Bryce ate a cheese sandwich for the first time today and although it is not nearly as nurtritious or exciting as all the things Brody is eating...its a big deal for my big man to eat bread lol.

Monday, August 17, 2009

stage 1

Here is stage 1 of our mailbox to Heaven. I need to head back to Hobby Lobby and get some more paper because its looks a little too crafty in some places. The back side has more of a cluster of butterflies in the middle, which is cute, but it needs something and I dont know what yet. We also have a great wooden butterfly that we painted and will put on the very front when it is all done. Anyways...I will post the final product when its all done :)

For now I need to clean decoupage off of mine and Bryce's entire bodies!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Half way there!

I am now into my 20th week (5th month) and Baby Brax is now the size of a banana :) We have had VERY busy past few days. MOPS planning is getting into full swing, millions of dr.'s appts and LOTS AND LOTS of fun with friends! Our family has officially started celebrating football time and we opened the season with The Simmons Crew. Bryce and Andrew had another successful sleepover making "caves" and tents and eating lots of junk food! We are blessed for all of the wonderful people in our lives. True friendship is really a rare gift. I just wish my mom was here to see our happiness...she would be so terribly proud.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


OK...I promised info on the Dr. appt today but our crazy family has been all over the place today SO here is the short and sweet 11pm version. Everything is PERFECT! Braxton looks absolutely amazing. Great heart, great tummy and huge feet! Other than a few abnormal uterine contractions that we are going to monitor...everything was great. I again declined any other further testing or blood work and the Dr. said he was very comfortable on my decision with that. We will do a utero echo in 5 weeks and then hopefully we won't see Baby Brax again until he makes his appearance in DECEMBER! Please pray that these odd contractions end right away (they are not "working" that is a plus at this point) and that our precious man has a cozy little stay in Hotel Misty.

Monday, August 10, 2009


this is what happens when your baby can crawl and is a food junkie! i went to the bathroom and came back to the living room and brody was under bryce's table begging for food! i love it!


My big boy Brody is just growing every day! His menu is getting pretty extensive these days...he is eating things like waffles, cheerios, avocados, peas, tuna, watermelon, mashed potatoes and anything else he can get his hands on! He eats like a grown man at the table and no longer requires any special baby foods at all! I think he is going to be my good eater of the family and I am very excited about that! We are still not able to do things that are too crunchy because the silly man is still toothless. Bryce on the other hand is just like his mom and I am OK with that. I started eating "grown up" food when I turned 19 lol.
This Thursday is our big ultrasound appointment so we need some big and serious prayers. Mostly just prayers of encouragement for me. God has already created Baby Brax just like he wants him and I think I am prepared for whatever that may be. He will be just perfect to us...but it still wont hurt for you all to pray for perfect lungs and heart :) I will post info on this Thursday afternoon.

Friday, August 7, 2009


my silly boys relaxing on daddy's ugly chair
big brother is so proud of his baby!

brody is just a stand up guy now!

toder and noodle

pregnant me getting getting a pedicure at our church spa night!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I think I have finally figured out the comment thing. Somebody try now :)

summer is ending

summer is coming to an end and i know this for sure because while at walmart and subway today i heard the following phrases said to children from their mothers:
"don't talk to me for an hour"
"god i cant wait for school to start"
"why are you still talking to me"
"we are never buying you anything again for the rest of your life"
"NOOOO more talking...EVER"
"i am calling your dad as soon as we leave this store"
"you are going to daycare until school starts"

Now, some of these moms I actually felt sorry for...while others I just wanted to ask why they had kids and if they hate their kids so much maybe they should work full time and let someone nicer watch them. It has clearly been a long summer for some haha. I am so grateful for the opportunity to stay home with my kiddos and while shopping and running errands is not always the most fun with two boys and while I of course lose my temper too...I try to remember how blessed I really am. There have been moments in the store where I have almost gone to the aisle with duct tape or considered taking them to customer service and claiming them as "lost children" BUT all in all I am one lucky lady to hang out with these two handsome men all day. I am going to keep those other moms in mind when my kids are acting crazy next time...because I don't want some other lady with no life blogging about my embarrassing words in a store :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

all good

some fun things that have happened the past few days...
1. spa night at church...massage, pedicure, manicure, makeup, free childcare and friends!
2. brody is pulling up!! crazy toder is on the loose
3. bryce made his first music video...slightly inappropriate but mostly hilarious
4. the mcelhannon dance party in our living room
5. new shoes for the boys that cost too much but look too cute
6. my discovery of "fake wine"
7. a fun and junk food filled evening with a best friend
8. i felt braxton move for the first time
9. justin had the best car business weekend he has ever had...thank you cash for clunkers
10. we finally bought our mailbox for heaven. pictures will go up after its decorated.
love you all...continue to pray for an uneventful far so good.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

days like today

Days like today (the yucky kind) when nothing worked out quite right are the days when I miss my mom the VERY, very most. I still feel like I am waking up from a bad dream about her being gone, I still have such an unsettling feeling about losing her. Today is they type of day her and I would have done something special. Right now we would be shopping for Braxton and loving on my boys. We would go somewhere really yummy for lunch and the day would be all about us...her, me and my boys. She was always so good about making me feel so special. When I talked to her about the boys she never brought up her other grandkids, she truly understood that Brody is perfect, she was genuinely and seriously proud of the life that Justin and I have made...and that kind of person is hard to find. She was my rock for sure. Days like today when Justin has not been home in the daylight hours since Sunday, has not been able to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner with us all week, and fun plans keep falling through are hard. Not having my mom here leaves me definitely a little lonely during times like this. I am so blessed and gifted that I have an amazing husband that has so much work right now he does not know what to do...that is certainly a good problem to have, especially now. I am so blessed for this man that LOVES to work and loves what he does and provides for us so there are never any worries. I am blessed for my two precious children that can be with me ALL the time (ok it would be nice to get a break from them atleast once a year haha) and I am grateful in every way. BUT I am still sad that my mom is not here. I am still sad for my kids that they dont get her love every single day. I definitely feel lost at times and I miss her pulling me out of my rut. I miss having my "partner" that I could always count on and that was always there.
By the way, Braxton is now the size of a bell pepper.