Thursday, February 24, 2011

In My Shoes

My sweet friend, Mindy, has the most amazing blog. She is such a great teacher...that gal has lots of wisdom. I am always brought to such deep thoughts by her post..HA...YES...I can have deep thoughts :)

A while back I wrote a guest post for her blog series about Brody. Well that was a piece of cake. Brody is super fun to write about and talk about and brag about :)
This week she asked me to write another guest post...this one was harder. This time the series was about the death of a parent. Yuck. I didnt know where to start. I really really didnt know how to end.
There was so much more I wanted to say...but I just didnt know how. I prayed and prayed that it would make sense. It makes sense in my head...but would it make sense to others?
I have not reread it yet (because that is just how i do things...i will look at it tomorrow) but i feel comfortable that my feelings were clear.
I would love for you to read it...and the rest of her blog for that matter!
Thank you friends for walking along side me! Thank you for your encouragement! Thank you so much for being in my life!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011



1. What did you get/give for Valentine's Day?
we gave the boys balloons and lots of yummy treats...including smores for dinner! we gave daddy this weird back therapy thing that he wanted and the boys gave me a spa day (thank you groupon!). pop pop sent me flowers...get out of town...he is the best. we also had all the neighbor kids over to make frames for their mommies! it was super fun/messy. the boys gave their teachers the most yummy and delicious organic lotion and moppets workers some homemade rose infused soap! it was fun to get sweet valentines from the kids in my class too! i love those guys.
2. Do you have a vacation planned in the next couple of months or in the summer?
i am going on our womens church retreat early march, we are taking a family staycation to the river house for a week (yes! justin is taking like more than one day off!!) during spring break, i have preschool retreat in april, we are still planning our mission trip in june, we have a houston wedding in june and of course mops convention in august!
3. What is one thing you do to pamper yourself?
4. What sparks your interest to other people's blogs?
if it is realistic. like...crafts that are possible etc.
5. What kind of a mood are you in today?
our kids are i am in a nurse mood today. gotta get this guys healthy so we can leave the house!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

happy valentines and a lot more

So hold on to your hiney and get ready for some information overload...

1. Braxton has RSV. Its bad news bears. Many of you remember Brody's experience with that. Bad.
2. Brody is funky. Just not himself today.
3. Bryce cannot hear...again :( He will be getting his THIRD set of tubes, tonsils out and adnoids out (AGAIN because they grew back...gross) on March 17th.
4. Bryce is getting BAPTIZED! He was Christened as an infant and now he is ready for the real deal. His love for the Lord is through the rooftop and he has been asking for quite some time. He is so precious and we are so so proud!
5. Valentines Day was lovely! I had 4 of the cutest Valentines I could find! Each of the boys had a special Valentine that they gave a special treat too. We ate s'mores for dinner, painted picture frames and made pink owls out of craft foam and felt. The daddy helped them spoil me a little too :)
6. Bryce got to go to the rodeo for the first time! Pics of that to come soon...but all i can say is...he had the time of his LIFE!
7. Justin made the Dean's List.
8. My throat hurts.
9. My Dad is gearing up to ride in the Saltgrass Trail Ride. So...if Bryce has ever told you that his Pop Pop is a cowboy...well its kinda the truth! Our very own Desperado will start in Cat Springs and head in to Houston...we are hoping to be all better ASAP so we can head to town and watch him ride!
10. I hands down have the BEST friends in the world. BEST.EVER. I am continuously blown away at how giving and kind my friends are. They are continuously the hands and feet of Jesus. Kind words, a helping hand, prayers, encouragement...I am crazy blessed.

thats about enough for now...i am going to post some pretty hilarious/sad pictures of my sickies later. so be on the lookout for that :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


SO....I could get lost and lost for hours and hours on etsy. Its my most favorite place.

Check it out (if for some reason you dont know what i am talking about). I love to get inspiration from these site...but the most fun thing to do is buy other peoples CUTENESS!! Check out this new store I found from Night Owl Crafting!
I ordered some wedding gifts from there TODAY!! Umm and of course I bought a little something for myself too :)

How FUN!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

a snow day at the mac shack

I love at home days. I love out and about days too....but there is just something special about a SNOW DAY! "snowed" Yes...Texas is like shut down (well not Toyota of course) Yes...we are STILL in our pajamas! Amen to fleece!!!

this was our first pic of the day! poor lucy girl had to potty in the snow!
Bryce's first snowman!! His name is Mr. Pickles. Please be aware that his jets helmet is on his head and those fruit loops are EYES. He was going to have a raisin mouth...but Brody ate them. Poor Mr. Pickles is now long gone. He did last a few hours though!
Big Brother Bryce threw some snow balls at the window! Brody was really confused...
So we bundled him up and let him check it out for himself!
He scooped snow with my wooden spoon. Brax watched from the window because he didnt want to put shoes on :)
SNOW!! Please notice that we could only find ONE of his on the other hand is..a sock!
three angels watching sesame street in warm jammies

when the babies went down for a nap bryce and i made this! he said he would like his pop pop to live here. pop pop better go on a diet!! bryce can hardly wait for his pop pop to get home from work today and check his email for pics of mr. pickles!
then...we were still we built a tower. we had to redo it like 10 times before we could get it to survive long enough for a picture! so in closing...i heart this snow day!!!


Sweet Brody Todey had his very first field trip this week! He got to go with his adorable classmates to Boerne Gymnastics! He had SO much fun playing with his friends and running around through the obstacle course over and over. His cute daddy even got to come see him play for a few minutes! He got to have a pizza party after and then went back to school for a nap with his most favorite teacher in the WORLD!

Brody loves preschool SO much. Each day we realize more and more how our prayers on "where to put Brody" are answered. "Mainstreaming" him is what we are going to continue to do...for now! His development is really amazing. He had his BIG evaluation last week and...drum roll...he is currently 28 months and he evaluates at 23 months. I dont know about you...but I think that is pretty crazy awesome. Praise God. I am so thankful for our insanely wonderful therapists. His Occupational Therapist and Speech Therapist are part of our family now. They encourage us in so many ways...and they love our little boy to pieces.
Some of you may know that we have struggled on where Brody will go next year. The public school systems are available to take over his therapy when he turns 3. Basically that means...when Brody turns 3 (which is the beginning of next school year, when bryce goes to kinder) he would start going to school 5 days a week for half days. We have prayed and prayed and thought and thought about this....conclusion is Brody will not be participating in PPCD (that is the name of the program) at this time. There are so many factors that were involved in that decision. We specifically prayed that God would speak clearly on this decision to us....we prayed that in His timing we would hear His answer. And I really am confident that we did. Thank you to all of those who encouraged us during that decision making time! So at this time...Brody will continue at FBC preschool! Who knows what God has in store for our little muffin later on. But for now...its FBC and private therapy. The BEST news is that he gets to stay with the most FABULOUS teacher in the universe next year. Hip Hip Hooray for Mrs. Kathy (or me Brody says!). Everyday I get on my knees and give a shout out to God for giving us the most perfect and precious little boy he EVER made. (you can argue with me on that...but you just wont win ;)...)
I am praying that we can figure out a way to get Brody into gym class. It is so good for his development and muscle tone! Just not sure what I would do with his cute brothers during his class. We will see :)
Here are some pics...

he did this about 97 times.
he was determined to get over this!!
i dont know why...but this makes me think of him as an old man lol
sorry the pics are a little crummy...they are all from my phone!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

so exciting!

So my super amazing (and one of my faves) friend is in the process of adopting a baby!! Please check out her blog to see how you can help!!!! I am so excited to pray alongside my friend and support her in any way I hurry and go see!!!

(ps: she even trusted me to create the logo! i feel so fancy!)


Katie's Blog

Please also head over to another sweet family's blog to see their story!! Bryce took some money out of his "skateboard fund" to send to this sweet family for the puzzle piece fundraiser...and we actually have never met them! But someone with such a big heart has to be go visit this one too!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011



1. Are you married/in a relationship/single? For how long?
7 years ago I met the cutest man in the world. We got married and had the three cutest little boys in the world.
2. What do you do for a living? Do you enjoy it?
a. wife to j mactastic b. mommy to the three macaronis c. preschool teacher to 4 year olds at FBC
and i am pretty in love with all of the above!
3. In what state do you live? Where were you born and raised?
i am a texas girl all the way!
4. Do you have children? If so, how many? If not, do you want them?
bryce and brody and braxton
5. Who is your favorite blogger to follow and why?
oh my. i am inspired by so many bloggin mamas. i love to read about what is going on with other mommys in similar boats as me. i am in love with blogs that have something super crafty/practical to do with my kids. i love moms that are going the extra mile and following God's voice! and i love blogs that post cute pictures of fun with their kiddos :)