Sunday, April 24, 2011


We spent a lot of time at church over the past week taking part in some pretty cool activities. Bryce and I went through the Journey of the was amazing. It was so cool for Bryce to be able to SEE the things he has been told about. Our Good Friday service was also incredible...another visual experience for Bryce (and us!). This Easter we were able to do all the fun Easter things like bunnies and eggs and baskets and candy....BUT we really REALLY got to spend time soaking up the love of our savior. What a sacrifice...what a gift...what a just...WOW! Each time I tell the story to Bryce or even my preschool class...I am amazed at His love for us. I know the story front to back (Bryce knows it better)...but it still amazes me to my core each time I say it aloud. Bryce has a very sincere understanding of God's plan and the truth of the Bible. I am blessed each day by his love for the Lord and his hunger for the word!! Thanks FBC Boerne for making this Easter so filled with TRUTH and fun and everything great!

Here is some of our Easter fun in pictures...
Easter baskets!!

the easter bunny brought tee balls! hooray for him!
sweet brody

braxton being bossy
LOVE this baby!!!
where are all the eggs?

cute and cute
river house easter egg madness!
hanging with my handsome

are you sick of looking at us yet?
church easter egg hunt!

the easter bunny was at starbucks! how convenient for me!
the easter bunny that went to the river house was a lot fancier than the one that came to our house. our bunny brought jelly beans and nickels...this guy brought the big bucks!

And well... this has nothing to do with Easter...but look at the fun art party I went to with my friends!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

our first helicopter ride!

We were so blessed to be able to spend a day of fun with one of Brody's besties. There were LOTS of awesome activities for our whole family. But the BEST was that we all got to go on a HELICOPTER RIDE!!
ok this does not have anything to do with the helicopter ride....but darnit this baby is CUTE!!
Loading up! Me, Brax, Brody, Bryce and our sweet babysitter Katelyn!
Justin sure was jealous :(

Our view!! So fun! Not even a little bit scary!!
Bryce loved that we could talk to each other in the headphones!
And then I jumped out.
HA. NOT! But...another girl did. What a crazy head.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

a little sunday babblin

Hmmm...have I been a pretty bad blogger lately? Yup.

The spring time is always full of so many fun things! Playdates at the park and birthday parties and good movies coming out (go see RIO!!) and baby showers and just fun fun fun! Not much time for sitting at the computer...thats for sure!
This time of year really reminds me of my mom. She loved the warm weather and shorts and eating out on the patio. She loved butterflies and wild flowers and sitting by the pool. She loved crawfish and live music and sitting out looking at the stars. I love every single one of those things too. I am so glad that I have so many memories of doing each one of these things countless times with my mom. She had a good matter what. If you didnt want to have a good time with her...she would go on ahead and have one without you. She would make a friend...standing in line for the bathroom or something. She never met a stranger....hmmm I wonder if I am more like my mom that I thought :)
Right now I want my mom to see Bryce whack the ball over the fence and dance around in delight that we have to walk around the block to get it. I want her to see Brody I want her to see Braxton's smile...when he sees food. I want her to see them play in the sand out back and lay on the trampoline on their bellies teasing the dog. She NEEDS to see them eat cake and bean and cheese does it get in their ears? She needs to see the little hineys filing out of the bathroom after bath time. I want her to hold them when they are sick. I want her to hug me.
I want her to see Justin's smile when he gets his grades in. I want her to know our church family. I want her to be a part of the dance party that takes place here each day before nap time (she totally loved dancing).
She was a mess. One big happy mess. She sometimes drove me crazy with all her mess. But man...I miss it all.
I am so blessed to have had such an amazing mom. I feel undeserving to have been blessed with the most amazing parents in the world. My dad has taken on the role of our family's biggest fan. Pop Pop is a rockstar. Our family and church family and our friends wrap us up in love and support so much...that on nights like this when I get to missin my mama...I can't help but smile. Our support system rocks my socks off and we wouldnt be who we are where we are without them. You know who you are....and we love you.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Tball is in full SWING! It is so fun to see our big boy out there! Here are a few pics (mostly crummy because I am lame and use my phone)....
GO #12
Super fun night! Bryce got to go out with the Boerne High School Greyhounds at a home game! He pretty much thought he was famous :)
Brody is one proud bubby!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

and its APRIL...

We have been lovin this weather SO much! So many fun things going on. And I kinda think people are just in a better mood this time of year lol. I am enjoying this season outside...but enjoying the "season" of our family even more. We are flat out all over the place. The two babies are off and in completely different directions. They keep me running...but I wouldnt have it any other way. I know that one day this "season" will be over...I know for some people that may sound appealing...But this is my favorite. There are some places that I cannot go and some things we cannot do and some days that I am VERY tired... and I am OK with that. We are just flat out having a BLAST!
Please continue to pray about our mission trip. Pray protection over us while we are there and for our kids while they are here. It is NOT too early to get started on those prayers!!
Here is our update in pictures:
It is not much because I usually do not have an extra hand for a camera :)! I just get what I can with my phone (which is why they are always so lame) ...

Watching my kids eat macaroni NEVER gets old!
I have been having some pretty fun craft days with friends...
Birthday party madness!! Can you spot my little orange people?
Baby Dedication Day!! kids are wearing ties and this is the best picture I got. Why wont they ever sit still??
How fun is this??
Hope everyone is enjoying spring as much as we are!! We love you all!!!