Sunday, January 6, 2013

december to remember

This has definitely been a December to remember. I was thinking back to last year when I feared it could be our last Christmas with Justin. Although, our time together will never look like it did in previous years, we are grateful that we had another year with him. The boys are at such fun ages right now. Bryce is a big boy now and getting to experience some really cool things. The little two are hilarious and a handful but very fun. 2012 went out with a bang and we are ready to rock the 2013 year. Here is 20 zillion pictures of our December. 

We saw Santa about 30 different times. Somehow the only photo that ended up on the download is this one from Dickens on Main. Dickens on Main is always a fun way to start out the Christmas fun. The boys ate cotton candy, drank hot chocolate, played in the pretend snow, rode a pony and saw a parade.

Here is Brody visiting with the camel at the Walk through Bethlehem. 

Low quality shot of our fun christmas card that our cute and very talented friend Rachel Russo shot for us in about 30 seconds at the skate park. 

Part of the Mac Fam had our acting debut at our church. We played Mary and Joseph and toddler Jesus in the choir's Christmas show. It was very fun and Braxton still tells people his name is Jesus. 

I learned how to make homemade pasta with some girlfriends at the Boerne Cooking Cottage. 

We had a little donut party for our buddy Braxton. We asked him what kind of party he wanted and he said DONUTS! We even let him make his own guest list. Cannot believe that boy is 3. 
We wore pajamas, had lots of donuts, a "donut cake", made breakfast necklaces, ate donuts off a string and....ate more donuts. 

We went to sea world a few times over the break also. It was very fun to go when there were no crowds and no lines. People in costumes (shamu, elmo etc.) are seriously Brody's very fave. 

The little boys had their Christmas show at preschool. They were not too interested in the singing in the program part, but they sure were excited about the party and santa part :) Sweet Ms. Marci even came to see them on their special day. It is always a treat when Ms. Marci comes to play!

I got to be a part of a very special day for two very dear friends. Matt and Laura Srp had little baby Beckett on 12/18! Congrats on your third little boy!

I went to a cookie party at a sweet friends house and then hosted our sunday school girls night cookie party. Both nights I ate too many cookies, but it was worth it :)

Bryce and Brody had school parties at Cibolo. I didn't get any pics of Bryce's party because I was helping him and his friends play Bingo...but both were very fun! Here is Brody playing pin the nose on Rudolph. He loves his big boy school so much! 

We celebrated that little Brax man again as a family on his actual bday. Our adorable friend made this yummy Mater cupcakes! We ate pizza, decorated gingerbread houses and played with Braxton's new Mater riding toy. There was a lot of gingerbread house supply eating and not so much decorating...but somehow we still ended up with a masterpiece of a house (that later went into the hog trap at the ranch). 

Bryce and I got to love on our homeless friends several times during the holidays. Here is a pic of the amazing Christmas dinner. So many people came together to make this night such a success. 

Then we were blessed to the moon and back to be able to spend our second Christmas at the cottage. Lots and lots of fun family memories. We read the Christmas story at the ranch, Bryce shot his first deer, we decorated cookies together, ate my yummy turkey and dressing outside by the river and helped Santa put together the most intense train table that ever existed. 

We had our first trip to the kiddie park in san antonio to celebrate Whittens Bday. 
We cannot wait to go back (maybe when it is a little warmer). 

This was just too cute not to share. It is a rare moment when these two want to be this close to each other. I mean they get along fine, but typically when they are THIS close it isnt as cute of a situation. 

We had a very fun and very relaxing new years eve with the Fickeys. We wore pajamas, sang karaoke, ate junk food, attempted to play games and even had several fake countdowns...around 10:30 :)

A little out of order, but we also got to celebrate my fave friends birthday with some painting and yummy dinner with friends. 

And the most recent excitement is Bryce's new hobby. Him and my dad have gone on a couple of arrowhead hunting trips over the break. I cannot even imagine how awful digging in the dirt for 8 hours would be, but they love it and I know these are memories that Bryce will never ever forget. 

We have had lots of fun over these past few weeks. Justin's parents came for a visit, Bryce lost another tooth (he still doesnt have the first two back yet) and we are getting our house ready to put back on the market. I am always grateful when the cold weather arrives and we have an excuse to stay inside and recuperate from all the December fun :)