Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fatty McDaddy

Yup...I gotta Fatty McDaddy on my hands. Braxton Lee had his 2 month check up today and he is 13lbs (75th percentile). Bryce was a little stringbean and well Brody was obviously on the smaller side...so its so fun to have a little chunker on my hands. When the nurse pulled his legs out to give him his shots (boo hoo i know) his little hambones were rolling with fat chunks! LOVE IT! It was a perfect appointment. He even behaved. Not often in my mothering lifetime have I taken children in without there being a "problem" "issue" "something we are going to watch" "specialist referral" or " follow up"....it was always the ears and asthma and reflux with bryce and well you know the story with brody. But this man, this strong handsome adorable man, is doing great! Perfection.
Today was a beautiful snow day in the hill country...COLD...but beautiful. Bryce played outside catching snowflakes on his tongue for about 10 minutes before he came inside and demanded hot cocoa :)
I have some pics to post, but will have to do that later because I have 3 little boys that want dinner. I better get on that...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

mcelhannon happenings

BRODY is 17 months now...I know how time flies. He is a chubster, a laughing champion, an eating machine and a loving/kissing/hugging/flirting little muffin. His evaluation for ECI was completed last week and check out these results: Social/Emotional Skills @ 18-20 months, Cognitive Skills @ 20-21 months, Adaptive Skills @ 18-20 months and Communicative Skills @ 12 months. So we are doing great. He is ahead of the game in most areas and now we know where our focus should remain. His fine motor skills are on top of the game (he is now using utensils to eat!) and we are continuing to work on our gross motor skills (walking). If you have not noticed...It is FEBRUARY...which means you have been staring at our little man all month long on your Down Syndrome Association Calendar! It is still not too late to order one. Check DSASA.org for more info.

BRYCE starts TBall in a few short weeks. He is very anxious and is already starting to ask when he will get to start playing football. Soon enough buddy. We are still having a few problems with hearing...continuing ear infections prompting another appointment with the ENT in mid march. Hoping they will go ahead and get tubes on the calendar so we can throw away this dumb nose spray and get on with our lives.

BRAXTON is a doll. A precious little burrito that is delicious and scrumptious and all those other yummy words that make you want to eat a tiny little baby right up. He is cooing and LAUGHING andd smiling so much. He is napping well and eating well and sleeping about 7 hours at night. I am blessed and rested and happy to be a mom of 90 milllion boys :) I am cherishing my time with him since I know he is going to be my last little snuggle bunny. He has a Dr. appointment on Tues. so there will be more updates on him then.

JUSTIN is doing great in school. He got an A in his first class and is currently beating the pants off of his second class. This ambitious man in still working 70 hours a week, taking 5 week classes back to back to back, dealing with the stupid Toyota recall nonsense aka GM govenrment conspiracy :) AND still finding time to date me and love on our boys. I really love that man. He spoiled me rotten for valentines day and has taken me on several fabulous dates lately.

OTHER happenings...the one year anniversary of my moms death is approaching. I ask for your prayers during this time. I feel that I was definitely robbed of a few steps in the grieving process because of illnesses, pregnancy and a thing called LIFE that never stopped...so I am trying to grasp on to the healthy parts of this emotional time. However, what my mom wanted me to do was be a good mommy and wife and be a strong leader...and that is just what I will continue to do. She did NOT want me to be sad or depressed...she was so proud of my strength and I will NEVER let her down.

During this time I also ask that all my loyal readers continue to pray miracles upon the beautiful Layla Grace. visit http://www.laylagrace.org/ for more info on this little angel.

My Dad is currently in route to the Houston Rodeo on the Salt Grass Trail Ride! If you live in Houston...look for him in the parade on the 27th! He is part of the award winning Wagon #13 The Desperados (totally fitting name I know!) and is beginning his week long party fest in Catsprings today.

Ok that is it for now...please enjoy a few pics :)

bryce helping with the laundry...

sweet little man in his church clothes...

my 3 silly little man

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

thank god its over with

a few of you did not get to see me while i was gigantically preggers for the LAST time. so here it is folks...embrace it because i will (thankfully) never look this way again. it is such a beautiful thing from the outside...but not so beautiful thing while its all going on. the important part of this is the end result and that is my handsome little burrito baby braxton lee!

Friday, February 5, 2010

my little burrito

this baby is amazing. i love his guts so very much. look at those little LIPS! YUMMY!
he is such a sweet little sleeper...so peaceful and precious. he is now a little over 6 weeks and i could not be happie with how he has blended right on in to the mcelhannon craziness. his big brothers are loving on him sooo much and i am just so stinkin proud to be his mommy.

a few things

One of the things Santa brought Bryce was his very own set of big boy golf clubs. Him and Justin have really been having a good time with their new "toys"! Too bad we have not had any nice weather lately...because they have been playing in the living room!

Last weekend my dad came to visit and we all loaded up and headed to my grandparents farm house in Moulton. It was absolutely freezing so we were stuck inside...clearly we were getting creative on keeping entertained :) This is Justin checking out their new "exercise" machine!

Bryce and Duke hunting.

pastry time at apples of gold

yuckiest/weirdest egg separator ever!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

dear blog,

i miss you. i think about you often. i lie in bed at night and think of things to say to you...but my exhaustion wins. sorry. i have lots of pictures for you...but you will just have to wait. be patient with me sweet blog because i love you very much, but am just a little busy for you right this second. maybe tonight? we will see.
love, misty mac