Sunday, June 27, 2010

things and more things

we were so blessed to be able to spend the day on friday at my aunt and uncles river house. that is without a doubt our family's fave spot! the simmons crew came with us and we just absolutely had a blast.

some new things that are a happenin'
1. braxton is crawling.
2. i have not eaten carbs in two weeks and have lost 10 lbs.
3. brody has learned some AMAZING dance moves.
4. we FINALLY were able to rent toy story 2 and now have it on repeat.
5. sugar free jello is my new favorite thing (see #2)
6. my dad is on a fishing trip in cool is that?
7. i am sewing some super cute table runners for a baby shower i am throwing. (pics of that soon)
8. justin is trying to talk me into a minivan. seriously. its the coziest car in the world and so so so so so so convenient with the doors that open on their own...more cargo space than my yukon..but its a minivan. he is still working on me and let me just say that he is a FABULOUS salesman!
here is a pic from the ever talented mustard seed photography...

we also had the very exciting pleasure of taking bryce to the missions game this week. our super cool friend randy was in a serious race with a taco....excuse me...i mean a puffy taco.
here are some pics...

bryce and his buddy ben wearing the super awesome shirts i made them to support randy
randy racing the taco...except sadly you can't see the taco in my crummy pic
cutie ben holding a sign up for his daddy!

ben and abby sportin' their shirts

and one last little tid bit...they boys had a little slumber party last night with the simmons boys!! there was a karate chop party, a wrestle mania match, a front flip contest, a makeshift pirate ship out of bryce's bunk beds and lots of junk food. pics from that event...

front flip contest
either leap frog or wrestle mania...can't remember


Monday, June 21, 2010

several things

part 1
Father's Day was spectacular. I did not get to see my super awesomely cool one of a kind cowboy pop pop of a Daddy :( But we did get to talk to him and have plans of hanging with him ASAP when he gets back from his special fishing trip (to Alaska!!).
We DID however love on our very own in house daddy-o all day! 7 years ago I would have never thought that this super cute boy I met at the pool would later become this super cute husband and daddy. He gave me the three most precious things in the galaxy and I am so thankful for him. He works his tail off in work and school....all for us. We love you Justin!

part 2
6 months ago today I was pacing around my living room...up to my eyeballs in contractions. I had been dilated to 5 for days and it was time for this baby to come OUT...I just knew it. We called our friend Chris to come keep an eye on the kids (they were already asleep) and we headed to the hospital. The minute I got there (around midnight) they said lets get this gal a-going! Kelly showed up around 3am (seriously...she must really like me) and then Dena came around 10 after she had already been to my house to relieve Chris and wait for my Dad to get there. After about what seems like 100 hours of the today show (you thought i was going to say contractions or labor lol...thank you jesus for the epidural) my precious hubby and two of my best pals watched braxton lee come into this world! What a guy.
Today he is one day short of 6 months old. He is a chub. A BIG CHUB. I love it...I have never really had a fat baby. He smiles constantly, is starting to crawl, got his first TOOTH, loves bath time, has the most hilarious and contagious belly laugh, loves the jumpy horse, wants to stand up, is super duper ticklish, HATES having his nose cleaned and is just about the most delicious thing I can think of at this moment. I love him so much and it breaks my heart that he is growing so fast.

part 3
things i like a lot right now
1. groupon/livingsocial
2. getting to watch toy story (the original one) everyday with bryce
3. cutest oilcloth and minkee on the block
4. the new wee world resale store
5. decorating my new classroom!
6. watching brody WALK
7. union28
8. dancing to stan wayne with my handsome handsome hubby at the grill on saturday nights
9. target diapers
10. the pool at lifetime...our new daily savior!

part 4

my sweet boys watching toy story. please notice that brody has stolen braxton's bumbo seat (which he is obviously too big for)
my man braxton lee laughing
sweet babies playing together

my adorable 6 month old little man brax

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

summer lovin

things i am loving about summertime...

1. swimming in the pool
2. grilling out
3. less obligations
4. backyard time with the kids
5. more daylight when justin gets home (well sometimes)
6. water vacations (beach, river, lake)
7. fun memories of my mom
8. flying l playdates
9. popsicles
10. little white bootys...and cute little tan bodies running around
11. slip and sliding
12. horseshoe tournaments with bryce
13. free summer movies
14. a big giant tea
15. remembering how i fell head over heels with the love of my life during summer time 7 years ago...thinking about it makes me fall right back in love with all over again

here are a few pics of one of our most recent summer adventures...

two cuties
my sweet baby that is getting so big :(
silly bryce
my little river rat brody...bandages on the head and ready to raft!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


things are just a trucking along around here....

- brody got his stitches out this past monday. he was very brave and looks just as cute as a button. he was up ready to party the very next morning after it happened and has not slowed down since!
- braxton started sitting up on his own last week and is now getting up on his knees...he thinks he is going to start crawling. however, i am about to tape him to the floor because i am not ready for that! he is loving his baby food and is seriously the chubbiest and smiliest little guy there ever was.
- bryce and i had a date on wednesday. he took me to the movies to see shrek (he paid AND opened the door for me AND let me pick out my own candy). it was so fun to just spend some time with him all alone. plus it gave me a chance to teach him how to be a gentleman when he takes out a lady :)
- i had a great planning retreat for boerne mops leadership, followed by a fun and relaxing weekend at the river with the bourgeois family
i noticed recently that you cannot even read our has been packed for months. i am ready to stop and smell the roses. dont get me wrong...being busy is my "thing" its what i do best. BUT we need to take the next couple of weeks and slow it down a notch. my kids are growing up before my eyes. i had this moment today...and i just wanted to press the pause button on it. braxty was giggling and bryce was talk talk talking and here comes brody around the corner with the biggest smile on his face ready to play peek a boo with a sock. its so fun living at my house....chaotic...but beautifully fun.