Thursday, May 28, 2009

Table for 5 please....

Justin and I are pleased to announce that we are expecting our 3rd (and final) child! Bryce and Brody are super excited to be big brothers!! We decided that we were ready and although this little gift came a TAD sooner than we thought....we are VERY proud and excited! I am about 8 or 9 weeks and should be due mid December, but I have my first ultrasound on Thursday and will have more info after that. I know everyone wants me to have a girl...but I just dont think its in the cards guys :) I am destined to be surrounded by smelly boys my whole life! I need prayers for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby! I have had a hard time in my pregnancies and I just pray that I can cook this baby up good and get him out safely for everyone to love on!
PS: I know I didnt call everyone personally and tell ya'll...but I feel like dog poop and talking on the phone makes me want to vomit :)

Preliminary name list:
Braxton Lee (after my hot mama obviously)
and for girls (which i am not going to get too excited about lol)
Macy JoLee
Brilee Jo
And of course we are open to ideas :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Birthday cont....

So...Horseshoe Bay Resort was INCREDIBLE! Justin completely surprised me and it was a MUCH needed getaway after the year we have had. I was pregnant on my last birthday and I cannot really think of the last time him and I went anywhere completely on our own...was it our honeymoon? Anyways, we got to the resort and rode jet skis, laid in the pool (that overlooked the lake!) ate yummy delicious food and yummy frozen drinks delivered by cute boys in khaki shorts! It was a dream to sleep in and have a romantic lakeside breakfast. We really had a great time and I am so appreciative for all his thoughfulness!
I was thrilled to get back to see my precious boys who painted rocks for me :) We got to open a big box from my dad and he had sent presents for everyone! I am feeling very blessed this week! Although, through all the wonderful events it has been severely painful to do this all without my mom. I know she is with my in my heart...but I just cannot help but feel angry that I cannot share all this with her in person.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

birthday things so far

I am turning 25 tomorrow and the birthday fun has been going full force since last Thursday! Dena, Lisa, Katie and Sara took me to a super fun girls night out dinner and showered me with amazing presents :) I came home to a fun filled box from Nana and then had an awesome birthday lunch with Sunni, Lisa, Dena, Kelly and Sara with kiddos...more presents and more fun! My mailbox has been filled with sweet cards (an extra special card from my Aunt Debbie) and although this birthday is my first without my mom and I am not sure exactly how to truly celebrate without her, my friends and family have gone above and beyond to make this a special week for me! Now the icing on the cake...My oh so amazing hubby is taking me on a SURPRISE TRIP today! The kids are staying with a friend and I was told to pack a bathing suit, a nice dress and shorts! We are leaving in just a few minutes and I am peeing in my pants with excitement...look for a new post thursday night with details on this super secret expedition!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

all the stuff that goes on here

So great things have been happening that have kept me away from the computer.
1. Brody's photoshoot was a super success! He was so stinkin adorable, I actually cried when we went back to look at the proofs. Our sweet little miracle baby has been through SO much. He has been poked and cut and opened up...medicated and medicated some more...and this kid is the happiest, most loving and content baby I have ever seen. He is proud to be Brody and we are so in love with him! Now his photos will be sent to the Downs Syndrome Association of SA and they will determine where his photo will go in the calendar. Obviously we think he should be on the cover (lol) but thats not for us to decide!
2. The end of the preschool year has come! Bryce has done super amazing this year at school, we were blessed with an awesome teacher who has a heart for our family. She has taught Bryce such awesome things. I am so proud that my 3 year old writes his name, knows his spanish colors, can count to 20, knows our address AND what city all his friends live in (ie he knows we live in helotes, andrew lives in boerne, logan lives in pipe creek) ha are these considered "cities"!
3. Mother's Day come and went and I did not have a total fit about it. I missed my mom so much on that day that it hurt to the core of my bones. I just so badly wanted to take her to eat crab legs and have a margarita like I have every year! I remember last year's mothers day we met her at Joe's Crab Shack, I was pregnant with Brody and Bryce was so proud to show her how he could go down the slide like a big boy. We brought her a HUGE plant and presents and it was just a great time. We went to babies r us after and she bought me presents for Brody. I will forever keep those memories in my heart.
My precious family did everything they could to make the day special for me. They got me a beautiful james avery necklace and some other sweet gifts, plus made me breakfast in bed then later took me on a picnic in the park. I love my 3 guys so much! Justin has given me the best gift in the world, and that is the chance to be a mother. We have created two fabulous children and for that I am forever thankful. We spent the rest of the day with amazing friends that lift me up and always happen to know the best things to say. Please lots of special prayers for my brother, his heart is so heavy with hurt and sadness. He is still so angry and hurt by the same person I am and my mom was. We have such a burden of anger towards her and my brother truly feels she is the one the ended my moms life and I pray for his strength in forgiveness. I have struggled with it so badly and I have had tons and tons of support. I just pray that he will be strong.
4. Things have also been exciting with MOPS! I have been asked to join the leadership team for next year and I am extremely honored and excited. The steering team is created of about 8 women who run the show for Boerne MOPS. I will be the new Creative Activities Director and I just cannot wait to get started. MOPS has blessed my life in so many ways and I was very blessed to have shared my testimony at our last meeting. It has been a long time since I stood up and spoke in front of 100 people and I have to say that I was excited and nervous and I had to really do what I could not to pee my pants (yes I was a little nervous!) WHAT? Me? SHY!? Seriously. I am looking forward to our retreat in a couple of weeks!

Ok that is all for now. I have tons of pictures I need to post, but its time to get all these men dressed for church!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

who cries at walgreens?

well i do. i cried my little face off in the mothers day card aisle at walgreens today. it was a lot of sappy lines and pretty butterfly prints with i love you mom and thank you for my life and it was just more than i could handle. i always put so much thought into my mom's cards and although i was there buying cards for all the other moms in my life, i just could not help but think about what i would have got for her. it hurts my heart that i have to live each day without her. i want to hear her smiling voice (and yes she totally did have a SMILING voice)! bryce and i continue to talk about her on a daily basis and it feels so incredible. her urn is slightly intimidating for me...and brings on quite a few too many emotions...BUT its the most gorgeous thing i have ever had and its just a speechless feeling to have it. thinking of my mom's life humbles me beyond belief. i have so many more lives to touch. God exalts me and for that i am thankful for His guiding hand. He uses me in the most incredible ways and although i often feel inferior and lost to my mom's death...i KNOW His plan for me is GREAT and i am honored to be used in such humbling ways.
on to other calendar man was such a super star today! we did his DSA calendar shoot this morning and i CANNOT wait to see the results next week. he is such a little muffin and peach and pumpkin pie with cherries all over and i want to just eat him UP! Bryce skipped school today so he could be there for his bubby's special day. Bryce is probably Brody's number one fan and its cuter than cute. I love those little boys guts to the MAX :) God is great!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Just a quick note to post the latest news. I had my first weekend away from Brody this past weekend...and I missed him like crazy BUT I had a super great amazing time! I swear both the boys got bigger after only 2 days! It was so pleasant to sleep in and have coffee in peace, but it was also great to get back to the normal everyday chaos that I live :)
Brody is becoming a chatterbox...he loves to lay in his bed in the morning and blah bleeee bleh ahhh to himself. I think he is singing to me in the monitor (although Justin calls it something other than singing). His big photo shoot is this keep big smiles in your prayers.
Bryce has had soccer cancelled for the past few weeks due to weather and swine flu, so we are looking forward to getting back on track with that this Saturday.
We have really enjoyed having my mom's beautiful urn in the house. It is so peaceful for me to know that she is in our home and will stay here with us forever. This is where she wanted to be and I am grateful to give her such an exciting place to view our world. Mother's Day is coming up and although I am proud to be a mommy and look forward to having my boys celebrate me, I cannot help dread the day a little. I always gave my mom such exciting gifts and took her to eat at Joe's Crab Shack for Crab Legs...and I am so bummed we can't do that this year. Part of me wants to just skip the day altogether and just pretend its just another Sunday. I know these moments are going to continue to arise and I will struggle with them, so please continue to pray for my peace and strength.
Our social schedule has been a madhouse calendar is bursting and I love it! Does not leave me too much time to blog though! I plan to post lots of pics from the past few weeks in the next few days.
Happy Cinco de Mayo!