Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It is no secret that I love summer. I love the freedom and the sleeping in and all the extra time with our friends. This summer is different than the norm, but I kinda think I love it. We have had to slow down quite a bit and I think that is just what we needed. I am not usually a be at home kind of gal...but God knew just what we needed when we moved into our new home. I love His plans for us. Our Leon Springs house had been on the market on and off for over a year. We went out on a BIG huge limb and bought our new house while it was still on the market. We even took it off the market while we packed and moved. Only crazy people would do that. Crazy faithful people of course.
Because... three days after we were settled and put the Leon Springs house back on the market...it sold. Yup. Sold. We have had lots of different plans over the past year of where we were going to go and where we were going to live and so on and so forth. But as always, His plans were better. So much better than we could have imagined. His generosity is overwhelming.
Summer brings weddings and fathers day and summer camps and bathing suits. We were honored to attend a wedding of a sweet couple the day before fathers day. It was so bittersweet to sit back and watch the adorable couple pledge their adoration to each other. They were standing on the forefront of the most carefree moments of their lives. Their best and worst moments are yet to come. Such a precious time that only comes ONCE in your life.
I never thought for a second that my vows would become a reality. For richer and for poorer. In sickness and in health. Through good times and bad. It just seemed like words to me on the day we gathered with our loved ones to celebrate. I knew I was making a commitment to the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, but there was so much I didn't know. I didn't think big things happened to regular people. I never thought we would move away from home and be surprised with a special needs child (during a hurricane of course), I never thought I would lose my mom so abruptly, I never thought I would stand over my husband wondering how much more time I had with him. These are things that I never could have predicted...but was clearly prepared for. God gave me the tools...for such a time as this. 

We are preparing a return to the Cleveland Clinic next week. We are going to make a quick trip to get a second opinion on the current treatment plan. When we return, Justin will get started with IVIG and then will have Chemo treatments coming up. We will find out this week when we should plan for his right hip replacement. We still need to address his heart...among other things...but one day at a time.
I feel like it would be so nice to just worry about normal people things....like work, vacations, money and what is for dinner. But, those storms are for others and THIS storm is ours. These curve balls are being thrown to US and if we sit around wishing we were on the bench, we wouldn't be able to knock those balls out of the park. God is continuing to do a mighty work in our hearts. His plan was so much greater than us just saying I DO. He had a lot for us to get through after that day and he wanted us to lean on Him every step of the way...I can't wait to meet Him face to face and say "WE DID."

Friday, June 7, 2013

summer lovin

I just cannot believe summer is upon us again. I love summer so much. The freedom, the fun, the extra time with friends, the late nights...the junk food :) Such a memory making time. Especially when you live with a whole buncha rowdy boys. As I say every year...summer brings back lots of great memories of my mom. That gal loved her some summer. Flip flops and water and frosty beverages.
It is sometimes a hard balance to keep the "business" part of our lives from messing up the fun. And by business I mean the elephant in the room part...the sick part. It is hard to plan things, commit to things, look forward to things and even to deal with missing out on certain things. Keeping up with doctor appointments and treatment schedules can be a full time job. It is hard...but nothing is harder than watching your husbands face when he is pain. This recent surgery has rocked our world. The new treatment plan and the inevitable right hip replacement and the impending trip to Cleveland can be overwhelming...but to add the pain on top of that? I just cannot imagine. Justin's illness affects most of my life. BUT, I can go away from it. I can leave the house and spend time with my friends and even if its just for an hour or two...I can forget about it. I am limited in what I can do and where I can go and what I can plan...but I can still do things that I want to do. I can chase the boys, I can jump on a trampoline, I can go for a run, I can take them swimming, I can sit out in the sun, I can teach them to ride a bike, I can dance. These are things that Justin cannot do. He may be able to do things like this one day, but it would only be by the miraculous grace of God. It has been eye opening for me to see this reality. I know how limiting it feels to have the flu or to be pregnant or to have just had a baby...and that is hard enough. I cannot take his specific burden upon myself and that is frustrating. Jesus asks us to give Him our load. He wants to take it and trade us for his light and easy load. I get that scripture and I cling to it. But, in this situation I just wish I could be more literal...even just for a day.
The new treatment plan is a heavy load to carry. We will add IVIG back in, we will reduce steroids slowly to reduce the potential spread of AVN...and we will fervently pray for no flare ups with the other diseases, we will return to Cleveland as these doctors know him and need to be aware of the worst case scenario that became a reality for us, we will prepare for another surgery and we will do it with our heads held high. You better believe there are people out there who have it worse. There are people who are suffering without the community we have. Jesus has been so merciful with us. We mess up continuously and He won't stop wrapping His arms around us. I will never be able to comprehend His grace. It's too big for my little ol brain. I hope that whatever challenge you are facing right now...no matter how big or small...that you will trade your burden for the Lord's. That will forever be easier said than done, so set a reminder each morning on your phone and see if that helps :)
We are gonna press the snooze button on that reminder many times I am sure of it, but we are gonna get through THIS...because our God said so. He showed us the ultimate sacrifice and He has taught us to perservere. So let's do it ya'll. Happy Summer.

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

a yay and a nay

I know all you mamas are busy busy planning all your summer fun. I wanted to share something that the macs are super excited about! WOW CAMPS! All my boys are already signed up. I have known the owner for years and adore her. The little guys are so excited to go to their very own camps...and for $95?! You can't beat that. The camps at Boerne Lake are going to be SO fun for the BIG kids. Those are priced at $130 and I just know they are going to fill up fast! Check it out...you know you want to!

And now for my nay. 
Sad sad sad stuff to say about this company. I have never complained of a business on social media...but today is the day I gotta do it. The Moving Company on I10 in Boerne really treated us like poo. Justin even explained prior to hiring him that he was 100% unable to help at all...that EVERY single item needed to be moved. He asked them to pack the kitchen for us...which they charged us $500 for. They didnt even wrap the dishes :( Our couch and two beds are broken. The young men who moved us were so nice....but clearly had not been trained. They actually told us they had never packed a house before. But, when I called the owner after the move to let him know of the damages...he called me AND his employees LIARS. Bummer. I am a lot of things...but a liar I am not. When you plan to move, I suggest you spend your money elsewhere. 

This is how they packed boxes :(

These are just a few of the things they left behind and I had to go get before Justin's surgery. They also left behind our washer and dryer. We didn't go back for the second load because it was already 10pm! Bummer. 

Now go sign your kids up for camp!