Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fun Day #2

Today we headed to Flying L Waterpark and had another fun and eventful day with friends!

Brody getting ready for his swim!
Just watching the waves go by...
Apparently waves are SUPER exciting!
YAY! I love to swim!
Bryce loves Flying L!

Day 1 of Fun

Here are some pics from the past couple days. I am posting a ton because they were all so cute! Wednesday we went to the Emerald Playplace...
The BIG Slide

Jumping Man

Brody was having so much fun!

Bryce and his Buddy Sam at the train table

Brody being sweet

climbing the mountain

meeting a girlfriend <3

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

getting fancy

Today the blog went over a little makeover. It was quite traumatic. I decided that I wanted a little upgrade since my reader population is growing and I have to say that it became a pretty big ordeal. At one point I thought I lost everything...yes everything. So I cried. Real tears. Seriously. Thankfully I just didn't know what I was doing and with a few random clicks the last 6 months of my life returned to my computer screen. I think you should be able to leave comments on here now as well. I have had them turned on this whole time, but keep hearing that you cant leave one. So somebody try it out and let me know. I may just keep this templete for the rest of my life because I do not think that I would ever like to feel that fear again. Who the H cries over a blog?

Monday, July 27, 2009

123 Prayer Street

Today Bryce asked if he could mail MaMaMe a letter in Heaven. He said that it was important and he needed to know her address. I thought about it and I have decided there is absolutely no reason that we can not send letters to Heaven. So starting tomorrow morning I will put a special "mailbox" in MaMa's room (we will forever call the bedroom with her furniture in it "her room") so that Bryce can put special things in there for her. He found a butterfly drawing her had made in Kelly's class last year and it just really melted my heart that he wanted to send that to her. I have said it before...but I am so grateful that she gave us something so beautiful to remember her by. We will never look at anything with a butterfly on it again without thinking of her. I am just so blessed that she not only left that with me, but with Bryce and Justin and many of our family and friends. I am going to keep all of this "mail" in a special place and when Bryce is older we will take it all out and talk about it...but for now...mailing things to Heaven sounds like a fabulous idea to me! Millions of people send letters to Santa (of course we do that too) and if the elves can get mail to Santa then by all means God can pass on a note to our MaMaMe! Praise our Lord for these special days!
We had a great weekend. We went to a baby shower on Saturday, Mark and Ashley came to visit Sunday and then went to our MOPS steering team BBQ! Ashley helped me put together my 15 pound (literally) baked potato casserole while Bryce played with his BFF Mark. Mark is one of the only people I know that will leave the room while watching Sports Center with Justin to play hulk punchers and watch Kung Fu Panda with Bryce. Ashley took some cute pictures and I will post those as soon as I get them from her.
We had so much fun with the baby name voting poll! I really loved both names so much and eventhough Braydon was the winner....we have decided to go with Baby Braxton Lee! Bryce finally agreed on it (he was rooting for Braydon) so it is a done deal. It still makes me laugh to think that Baby Brody is going to be a "big brother"!!! Thank you all for your prayers. We have scheduled our special ultrasound and ask that you continue to pray hard for a healthy Braxton!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Baby BOY #3

So today Baby #3 became Baby BOY #3! We are so ridiculously excited we don't even know what to do! I just had a gut feeling that I was going to be the mommy of 3 preciously perfect little BOYS! WOW our house is really going to be WILD....and awesomely FUN (and loud)! I visited my new Dr. today and I LOVED her. Absolutely loved loved loved her. She was exactly what I needed, she was very honest with me and very polite...she spoke to me like a friend (and a little like a mom) and it was just great. She said we could take a look and just see if the baby felt like showing its stuff...she said there was no guarantee because its still so early BUT sure enough my adorable little man had his legs WIDE open. Just like the other two it was super obvious to see what was going on in there :) We are not going to be doing ANY testing, genetic or otherwise, on this baby. I will see the specialist simply for an upgraded ultrasound look at him. We will check out his heart and other vitals and then we will stop at that. I am very pleased with that decision and I was even more thrilled at how wonderfully she presented it all to me. She did not make me feel like a weirdo that makes alien babies or like a high risk freak. Justin and I are just elated at the news of having 3 boys...its just going to be a blast! Justin is headed to the vasectomy store the day after delivery...just kidding...well actually I am not lol! Please take a moment to vote on our sweet baby's name. The poll is located on the top right hand corner of the blog. His middle name will be in honor of my mom, but we love the first names equally and would love to hear your opinions.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

big boy brody todey

Now that Brody is completely an independent sitter (hooray!) we are making some changes around here! He has been sitting for awhile, but he would get lazy and cheat and slouch over and hold his upper body up with his arms. Now he can REACH FOR US (which is possibly one of the greatest feelings on earth) and hold a toy in each hand and laugh all at the same time. He is so proud of himself. He is now officially on the cup and ALL the bottles are in the TRASH!!! Okay well I kept ONE in case of some type of bottle emergency...but the rest are history! He is now eating lots of "real" food...eventhough the weirdo does not have any teeth yet. Our Dr. said those gums are stronger than teeth anyhow. He is eating things like tiny pieces of cooked carrots and mashed potatoes for dinner and little pieces of pancakes for breakfast! I am hoping after we finish what baby food is left in the cabinet we will be done with those little jars forever! Well until the next baby makes me start buying them anyways. I am just so proud of Brody's eating and mouth habits. We were told due to his high palet and possible tongue thrust (which praise God he does NOT have) and low tone he would have feeding problems for the first few years. Although we have some reflux issues still...all these other things are total non issues and we are just so blessed! It is unbelievable how God gave us such a perfect and amazing baby. He is ALWAYS happy and smiling....ALWAYS. He is spoiling us so bad and its possible that we have a very rude awakening when this next baby comes!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

kid things

I am nearing my 16th week (hooray) and Baby #3 is now about the size of an Avocado! Yummy that makes me want to make guacamole :) I will visit the new Dr. next week and hopefully things will go a little more smoothly this time around. Prayers needed big time as I am really struggling with this whole deal. I was having the WORST time finding a dr. and STILL am not sure if I am making the right choice BUT I really really prayed about it and although the Dr. plays a huge role in all this...God is really the one in control and I need to stop worrying so much. He has guided me away from nasty doctors before, so He has my back!
Bryce and Brody are still enjoying summer! Bryce is really into Lightning McQueen right now. I am starting to wean Toder off the bottle and head to the glorious land of sippy cups! We got info today that the insurance will replace our stolen that is great news! FYI - for those who have not heard...Justin's truck was stolen over the weekend. We had lots of personal items in the truck including a case of DVD's that Bryce watches in there, carseats, drycleaning and other things that will just not be able to be replaced overnight. It is such a violating feeling to have things stolen from you.

15 things

Things that I LOVE right now:
1. Sundays with my family
2. About 10pm when Justin and I crawl into bed
3. How Brody smiles with his whole body
4. Eating Out
5. America's Got Talent
6. Lunch with friends and a whole bunch of kids
7. Trashy reality tv
8. velveeta
9. How Bryce wakes me up with a mooch
10. Shamu
11. The information that Panera Bread has come to SA!
12. REAL friends
13. talking about nothing on the phone to those REAL friends
14. the kids bath time
15. clothes that FIT

Things that I DON'T Love right now:
1. People that steal
2. Liars...the kind that lie to me AND mostly the kind that lie to themselves!
3. Myspace
4. Real Estate
5. the news
6. Funerals on TV
7. Reflux
8. Doctors
9. the HEAT
10. fainting in the HEAT
11. Fake friends
12. being tired
13. grocery shopping
14. people that are able to help others and just dont
15. non-believers

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Brody and Daddy swimming at our neighbor's 4th party!

Bryce got to feed the Dolphins!


Bryce could not wait to show Shamu the toy that looked just like him!

Friday, July 10, 2009


So is this not the most sick-ola thing you have ever seen in your lifetime? Well imagine it crawling along the baseboards of your house and lurking across your children's bedroom floor! I HATE IT! Scorpions are the meany-est, ugliest, gross little creatures EVER! Apparently there is just about ZERO you can do about them when you house is situated IN a hill and its 900 degrees outside. Great.

By the way precious baby #3 is the size of an apple now and I have fired my doctor and will be visiting a new one next week. Updates on that later.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

too much fun

The past few days have been VERY exciting and FUN! My Dad has been here and that is always a treat. He was supposed to be here Friday night, but he flew in on some crazy airlines and got stranded all over America before he finally got here late Saturday. We had to celebrate the 4th without him...but we managed to have a great time. We had a yummy lunch and then went to a party at our neighbors house for swimming and bbq! I have some pics of Justin swimming with the boys on a different camera that I will upload later. Justin was off Saturday, but had to work Sunday so my Dad took us all to the Cascade Caverns. For whatever reason...Brody LOVED this. He seriously laughed the entire way through...and there was really nothing funny about it. Bryce liked it...but mostly because he was just for sure that Batman was in there somewhere. That evening we took our first trip to SEAWORLD! It was soooo amazing. Bryce had the time of his life and has declared Shamu his new best friend. My dad got all of us year passes so Justin and I will be able to take the kids whenever we want. Monday we woke up and went straight BACK to Seaworld...yup we did it again. And this time we did it ALL. We saw 4 shows, fed dolphins, played in the waterpark, ate dippin dots and covered the map! My dad got lots of pics on his camera so we will get those from him soon. Today we headed to Chuck E Cheese and now we are all getting a much deserved REST. I just dont think I can handle one more piece of all.

Justin and Bryce on 4th of July!

Bryce and T Rex

My Dad and the boys in the cave

Shamu Ride!