Sunday, March 10, 2013


The Disney post is FINALLY happening! I have been planning a trip to disney since the second I became a mommy. It was so so fun to plan. We chose February for several reasons...the cost is lower because it is not a peak time, which also means the crowds were lower (major bonus), Justin is actually allowed to have days off in feb :) and we knew the weather would not be too hot or too cold (either extreme is really hard on Justin). It ended up being a great choice. It only rained one day while we were there and the rest of the time we were in shorts. I have a lot of die hard Disney friends and there are a LOT of disney blogs. And when I say a LOT, I basically mean like one million. It is overwhelming and ridiculous. My sweet friends gave me lots good pointers and I was able to pick up some money/time saving ideas from the never ending disney mommy blog land. We really took our trip slow. We did not do and see every single things and that was OK. We did what we were able to do without wearing out Justin and the littles and it was completely perfect. So here is our trip!

riding a taxi to the airport! brax LOVES taxis (and I am not really sure why) 
so that was a fun start to the trip. 

in true mac style...our trip was NOT drama free. we had a SEVEN hour flight delay on our way there. brody's shirt was very fitting for the day. 

we stayed at the art of animation resort and LOVED it. we went back and forth on value resorts vs moderate resorts and we decided that separate bathrooms and bedrooms trumped location. we stayed in a nemo suite and it was absolutely adorable. 

here is a pic of the pool. it was heated so the boys actually got in one night!

our first stop of the trip was the magic kingdom! 
there are just no words to describe the...well...MAGIC of this place!

Our first purchase of the day was an autograph book for Bryce and hats for the little boys. 

 first character sighting was chip and dale! all the boys loved the characters...but Brody was a whole different story. brody thought each one had come straight from the TV to the park specifically to meet HIM. precious beyond words!

lucky justin got pulled from the crowd to be in a little show. you know he just LOVED that!! this little gal with the orange hair wanted him to be her boyfriend :)

we had dinner the first night at the kona cafe in the polynesian resort. it was SO yummy. 
we were VERY happy we chose to do the dining plan. it really seemed worth it. 

we were good about planning nap time and taking our day slow, so we were able to make it to the light parade on the first night. 

day two we headed to hollywood studios. we had a character breakfast with some disney junior stars. these were certainly not MY favorite characters...but the little boys loved it. And it was all you can eat bacon so Justin and Bryce were happy :)

 I had some REALLY cute shirts made for the boys before we went. My very talented friend from high school has a facebook page for her creations. (sewn by shannon) I just sent her pictures of what I wanted and she made them and shipped them in no time at all! 

day three we headed to animal kingdom. 
the lion king show was awesome!

we had a great character lunch with mickey and his friends at the tusker house. 

we spent lots of time at epcot. we had heard that this may not be as fun for the boys...

but we loved it! it was very relaxing and there was plenty for everyone to do and see. 

at the polynesian luau. the boys had their faces painted at epcot! 

the boys did NOT want to get off the stage!


ok the rest of the pics are totally out of order. so sue me. 

our volcano dessert at the dinosaur restaurant in downtown disney

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