Saturday, March 1, 2014

well, dang

Unfortunately, our week took a little unexpected turn and Justin was admitted into the ICU on Thursday. He went to see his primary because he felt dehydrated and wanted to get some fluids in his PICC. His Dr took one look at him and drove him immediately to the ER. His lungs sounded terrible and his vitals were all out of whack. When Justin and I both got so rundown during his last hospital stay I got the shingles virus and Justin got the very worse version of disseminated zoster virus.
Yesterday was in the top 5 of our most scary days ever. The virus entered his spinal cord and caused an extremely confused state. Doctors were in and out and the main concern was that Justin is just a very rare patient. He can't be treated like the typical patient. This disseminated virus is extremely uncommon and very dangerous for a guy like him.
TODAY has been a MAJOR improvement. He is not back 100% mentally, but he has made some huge strides and is making much more sense now. He slept all day yesterday, last night and is sleeping soundly today. He is no longer on oxygen and the rash that covers his body from head to toe is improving. The Dr said since the only treatment for this virus are the IV meds he is on now...the next best medicine for him is SLEEP. As you all know, he struggles with sleep issues in general. So the fact that he is sleeping like this now is a huge praise. He is in the PCU unit which is a very strict floor regarding visitation. Masks and gloves must be worn and only two visitors are allowed at a time. His parents are here now, so he can't really have any extra company at this time. He will be here for a minimum of 10 there will be time for visitors later this week. His immune system is compromised in general, but in a much more fragile state at this time. If you are sick or feel like you may be sick or live with people who are sick...please be extra cautious around any Macs. We love YOU but not your germs :) I am doing my best to stay focused on Justin and off my phone. Katie has the most updated info and I will do my best to keep important updates known so that the prayer pants can be ON.
I stayed in the hotel across the street from the hospital last night so I could be near in case anything weird happened. I am not sure what my plans are for tonight, but I will play it by ear. The boys are covered for now and we have a care calendar set up for meals. Justin is not out of the woods yet...but I am telling you guys... this dude is a warrior. 

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