Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fatty McDaddy

Yup...I gotta Fatty McDaddy on my hands. Braxton Lee had his 2 month check up today and he is 13lbs (75th percentile). Bryce was a little stringbean and well Brody was obviously on the smaller side...so its so fun to have a little chunker on my hands. When the nurse pulled his legs out to give him his shots (boo hoo i know) his little hambones were rolling with fat chunks! LOVE IT! It was a perfect appointment. He even behaved. Not often in my mothering lifetime have I taken children in without there being a "problem" "issue" "something we are going to watch" "specialist referral" or " follow up"....it was always the ears and asthma and reflux with bryce and well you know the story with brody. But this man, this strong handsome adorable man, is doing great! Perfection.
Today was a beautiful snow day in the hill country...COLD...but beautiful. Bryce played outside catching snowflakes on his tongue for about 10 minutes before he came inside and demanded hot cocoa :)
I have some pics to post, but will have to do that later because I have 3 little boys that want dinner. I better get on that...

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