Tuesday, November 9, 2010

whats happening at the mac shack

I love these guys. Like super big fat love the guts right out of them.
Interested in some bragging? Oh good...
My man Bryce is so grown up. He is rockin the socks off of sports camp right now. He is really doing well at each sport (which is not very helpful because we were hoping he would excel at one so we could do that one!). He is such a kind and loving big brother. I am so proud of that guy.

Brody is doing AWESOME! He is a full time walker now. He is even walking in and out of public places on his own. It is so nice to only have to hold one baby :) He gets so proud of himself too. He wont even let me hold his hand. He says "mine"! (as in...mine...i can do this mySELF!) He is talking more and more each day and learning more signs as well.

Braxty is nearing 11 months. Yuck to that. We are done with the bottle (insert sobs) and heading to walking land. He is standing up on his own and turning around and even taking a few steps. He is such a pleasant and happy baby. He never gives me any trouble at all. Well...except that he keeps growing!

The Peru trip is still in the works! Prays are still being requested as the dates and finances and childcare of that is all worked out! Braxtons birthday party is in the works. Justin turns 28 tomorrow. We celebrate our beautiful marriage on Thursday. Bryce has a fun field trip to the cooking cottage this week. We will stand next to our friends in their wedding this weekend. Meme Tanya and Papa John are coming this weekend to help while we attend all the wedding festivities. We have three playdates and a birthday party this week. My cousin is getting married next weekend (in houston). AND BLACK FRIDAY ADS ARE COMING OUT!!!
ps: thanks mustard seed photography for the cute photos

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