Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

So, keeping the Christ in Christmas is super easy...because you know...without Jesus there is no celebration. BUT, keeping the Christ in Halloween is a little "tricky"-er. We got creative and found ways to celebrate fall and dressing up and even found a fun story full of scripture to share while we carved pumpkins. We have had an insanely busy and incredibly fun past week! Now bring on Thanksgiving!!
We went to a pumpkin carving party, our church's fall festival and then had fun friends over to trick or treat! Here is our fun in pictures...

my little goofball smashed his pumpkin!
i love this little boy so much. can't believe he is 5.
brody is going to take his buddy brett for a drive. seriously...clear the roads!
the happiest baby on earth giving you a little wave!
this baby loves lollipops so much! like so crazy much!!
out trick or treating with the most handsome man i know. our anniversary is quickly approaching and i am just the luckiest gal in town. we have been having fun on halloween for 7 years now...and this year is at the top of the list!
my little buddy alex!
FBC fall festival! love this little ninja turtle!

little puppy and little lion are on the prowl!
braxty was so excited to put this puppy costume on! he was just beaming!!

little giggle monster
did you ever meet a lion that you wanted to eat???????

if you don't want to come over and hug him right now...then something is wrong with you.

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