Friday, November 11, 2011

ivig and 58

Today while I watched my sweet husband sleep in his hospital bed...I read over marriage vows on various blogs. It made me want to marry him all over again. It made me want to stand up and shout our wedding vows from a roof top.

for better or worse (yup...we have been better and there may be worse)
for richer or poorer (yup...we have been "richer" than we are today)
through sickness and in health (duh...)
this marriage has rocked my socks off. i made a commitment to love him and cherish him forever and always...and i recommit myself to that promise today. we are just regular ol' people...i mean we say things we dont mean and bicker like the rest of them. BUT we put the Lord first in our lives and we are truly blessed by that. we have taken the initiative to be mentored & to learn about how God wants us to love each other. i dont think it was a coincidence that we started a program to enrich our marriage through our church about one year before justin got sick. the Lord has brought us closer to Him and closer to each other through this time.
we think about what we would be doing if he wasnt sick. would we be doing the lords work as well if he wasnt? would we cherish each moment as well? would we be as devoted? i would like to answer yes...but who knows. this is where we are...this is our story...and its good.
justin is just a few hours away from finishing his IVIG treatments. this was one big pain in the rear. he will do this "little" process every month forever. i am sure we will figure out a good plan and it will all get easier with time. this will just be another thing that is new to our "normal."
in other news...we are so on fire for the film 58 right now! check it out at and find our facebook group. i was able to view this movie with some of my favorite friends a few days ago and then justin and i watched it last night in his hospital cubby (seriously...its not a room...its like a little cubby). it was truly a life changing experience and i hope each of you will consider coming out to the event that is in the works!
(go find us on facebook...58: the film - boerne movement)
We can make a difference. We can change the world. We can END extreme poverty.
Go get inspired and get your prayer on. Even just watching the movie can make a difference. Let's live Isaiah 58 together. will be fun!!
now please stop and pray that this ivig that is SO inconvenient and makes my husband puke his head off and sleep like rip van winkle will work ASAP.

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