Monday, November 7, 2011

november already!

i have had a hard time catching the blog up the past week because there is just so much going on!
we had a fun halloween with our precious friends. we got to play all afternoon in a bounce house with lots of fun and a WHOLE bunch of friends and then we headed to our house for our annual trick or treat extravaganza! the boys had SO SO much fun playing with their friends...and well of course we had fun getting to play with our friends too :)
we had some of our favorite houston people come spend some yummy quality time with us. lazy days with friends will never get old! and speaking of houston....we are prayerfully dealing with our home that we own there. it is currently vacant and we are being so very blessed by the love of others in dealing with it.
i dont think i will ever stop praising our incredible friendships. the Lord has given us so much to be thankful for. the outside edges of our lives right now are a little unsettling and unknown and very scary...but the core of it is GOOD. like really really really good. we will continue to serve our mighty father and live in His word...and not the word of the world. life sure is easier in this cozy little bubble!

so medically....this is where we are:
justin will be heading to the hospital thursday to begin IVIG treatments (blood antibody transfusion). he will do this once a month...forever. it will take around 12 hours each day and he will do this both thursday and friday. thursday just so happens to be his 29th birthday and friday just so happens to be our wedding anniversary. kind of a bummer right?!
he currently has anywhere from 1-3 doctors appointments a week and also blood work twice a week. there are so many strange things going on in his blood right now and pretty much with each blood test there is a new discovery. its hard work keeping up with everything!
i appreciate those of you who are praying...and if you arent praying yet... then get on board quick!!
here are some pictures of our cuties at the kitty kat halloween par-tay!

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