Sunday, February 19, 2012

D Now 2012

Disciple Now is my new most favorite thing in the world. Our house was bursting with laughing teenagers that love the Lord all weekend. They were AMAZING. Respectful, so well behaved, silly, incredibly good with the baby Macs and just flat out awesome. They blessed us big time.

We had 10 8th grade boys and 3 college leaders that came to stay with us. We filled their bellies with junk food and let them do their thing. They included Bryce (without being asked) in so many things. He felt so special. They made him feel like a rockstar and I am just so happy that he now has some really positive "big boys" to look up to. I went to all the sessions (and sat in the back with the other "old" people lol) and Justin came as often as he was up for. It was incredible to watch the youth just worship so freely together. I loved watching them take notes and soak up every word from the speakers. The Lord was so present in our community this weekend. There is a movement in the town of Boerne. It is undeniable.

This is our incredible group of guys. Bryce, Brody and Braxton thought they were the coolest.
And we thought they were pretty darn cool too :)
Bryce sat with them during the sessions.
He even ditched us this morning at church to go find "the guys"
There are 10 boys asleep under all of this...I am not really sure where they are.

Lots of big stinky shoes.
it was great
This is what my car looked like on the way home Friday night.

more stinky shoes. so awesome.
brax schooled these guys at connect four launchers.
how cool is it that they WANTED to play with the babies?
junk food city
there was not one paleo item in the house this weekend
my body is craving veggies big time

seriously. bryce was on cloud nine.

"the guys" did bryce's hair on saturday morning.
caught sweet eli in this precious moment of prayer

Thank you SO much to those of you who gave pledges to Bryce for the Run for Refuge. He worked really really hard and earned FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS! He was not first...but he was second and we think that is pretty stinkin great!
He had NO idea he was going to win a prize!!
So we are exhausted..."the guys" can go to bed at 4am... wake up and down a 2 liter of coke and a few donuts and be good to go. us, well, not so much. naps happened today and we are VERY excited that the presidents are giving us a day off tomorrow.
Someone dear to us mentioned today that bringing these kids into our home brought some life back into our house. It gave us a glimpse of our future and we have a LOT to look forward to.

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