Sunday, February 26, 2012

let us rejoice

This is where I grew up.
I moved here the month after I turned 5 years old and lived here until the summer I graduated high school. Lots and lots of memories. I have not been back here since the day before my moms funeral. My mom was my very best friend...we sat on the front bench together and on the swing in the back. She used to spy on us from the front room...and we all totally knew it. It hurts to think of all she is missing out on these days. I have changed lots and lots over the past 3 years...and I wish she was here to be a part of it. We are just 5 days away from the 3 year anniversary of her passing. I want her back just as much today as I did the day she left. I want her to know Braxton and love Brody and be with her favorite buddy Bryce. I want to be able to cry on her shoulder about my sweet husband. I want her to help me take care of the boys while I take care of him. God has provided so many precious people to fill in lots of the gaps
...but I still just miss HER.
The reason I stalked my old house is because I was in town this weekend for some wedding showers and to see my dad ride in on the Salt Grass Trail Ride.
I am so honored to be a part of my friend Amanda's wedding! She was one of my first friends when I got to high school. She stood by my side at my wedding and I cannot wait to share her special day with her.
We got to see my dad ride in on Friday morning.
This guy is a for real deal famous cowboy around these parts...

A little sidenote: Brody like to play dress up.
Scrubs, bandana, construction vest, pink skirt, chaps...and a baby.

Have I ever mentioned that I have the best job ever?
This is me and Katie's class last week at the teddy bear picnic.
I have some sweet friends that have some fun stuff coming up. I am thrilled to be a part of a community that thrives on serving others. We are all walking different paths...and we are all here to be a part of each others story.
How can YOU be a part of it?
Check out these links...

Thank you for continuously lifting my family in prayer. I am taking a little break from medical updates...there is just nothing positive nor earth shattering to report. All I know for now is that God has given me an opportunity to shout our blessings from the rooftops. I am in.
In our weakest hours...I have seen His face so clearly.

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