Thursday, September 20, 2012

10 in 10

ten things that have happened in the past ten days

1. justin was admitted into the hospital on tuesday. he had some bad lab results (ck levels through the roof etc. ) and they needed to do iv steroids and get some things stabilized. he is home now and resting. we saw dr. f today and reevaluated his treatment plan. he tweaked a few things and we are hopeful this flare up will get under control asap. there are some concerns for his phosphorus and calcium levels and also his blood sugar. it has been a tough few days but we am so grateful for the many people that help, pray, offer to help etc. during scary times like these! justin is exhausted and we are grateful that he is able to rest in his own bed now. 


3. I went out to my car this morning to take the big boys to school. I noticed I was about to run over my crazy neighbor as he came running down the street after me. So I stopped and he let me know I had a flat tire :( Bummer because I really was hoping he was just being weird. 

4. Brody got to go to a gymnastics party and he LOVED it!

5. Bryce started coach pitch baseball. He is the youngest one on his team...but he is doing great :)

6. I made a fall wreath with some friends last week. I am READY for the fun fall activities to BEGIN!

7. AWANAS started for the big boys. Bryce is in Sparks this year and learned John 3:16 for his second meeting so he could get his vest. I taught Brody to say "Jesus Loves ME!" and he came home in his little vest. I am so proud of them!

8. is really moving along! 
we are excited. come try a wont regret it!

9. We had a pinata in our backyard for brody's actual birthday after school. Brody hit it for about 15 minutes straight and loved every second. Bryce hit it once and all the fun stuff came out! Everything mickey mouse of course :)

10. Braxton had his first chopsticks experience. 

Life has some curveballs. Well, more than just some. Kind of a lot. But, in the midst of the chaos we have some pretty great things going on. We are right where we need to be. And we are surrounded by just the right people. God is one incredible dude. 

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