Friday, November 30, 2012

it's jesse time baby!

As our boys grow, we are always looking for ways to focus on Jesus during Christmas time. We are blessed to live in a community that provides us with several Christ centered activities during Christmas. Our church will be doing the Celebrate Christmas drive through again this year and St. Helenas does this really fun Bethlehem walk through that the kids love (with REAL camels!). I mean do not get me wrong...we make gingerbread houses, stand for an hour in line to see santa and elf on the shelf it up! BUT those are just "extras" the REAL stuff takes a front seat. Last year we implemented a new advent calendar which is basically our Christmas Countdown. Each day has a Christmas "activity" rather than candy or a toy. We have things like read from Luke, go see the camels, make hot cocoa, make an ornament for the Harkriders, put on Christmas jammies, write a thank you note etc. 

But THIS YEAR is when the REAL fun starts. I had read a friends blog a couple years ago about a Jesse Tree ornament exchange. I absolutely knew I wanted to do this. I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate all season long the exciting birth of our Father. I started organizing in September ( i know...i know.) Getting 25 women to commit, researching the scriptures, assigning ornaments and scriptures, planning the party...well it all took awhile! But let me just tell you IT WAS WORTH IT! Each friend made 25 of the same ornament and each friend went home after the party with an entire set of handmade ornaments to celebrate the advent season with their family. Each night they will hang one ornament on their tree and read the relating scripture to their family. Talk about the REASON FOR THE SEASON. Sitting around a Christmas trees each night talking about Jesus...from creation to His birth. There are LOTS and lots of tools online (even premade ornaments you can purchase) for the advent jesse tree. Here is one:

And here are the pictures of our beautiful handmade ornaments! I have some VERY creative friends! 

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