Friday, November 2, 2012

help us save damon

Look at this face. Look harder. Look at those cheeks. Those yummy kissable cheeks. Those tiny little fingers and that itty bitty nose. The most precious lips that I just KNOW turn into the most amazing smile. This is Damon. He is 14 months old and has downs syndrome. This perfect baby has nobody to kiss those chubby cheeks. Nobody to play with those tiny fingers. Nobody gets to come home to what we can imagine is one of the most beautiful smiles in the world. Damon is an orphan.
Justin and I pray daily that a window will open for us to bring an orphan HOME. That time may not come as soon as we would hope and we may always run into red tape regarding Justin's health...BUT we sure can advocate for orphans in the meantime. We have been so blessed to watch many of our friends adopt, promote adoption and fundraise. This community we are part of is rising up to father the fatherless. For now, we have found a small way to advocate for Damon.
Reeces Rainbow is an adoption ministry that rescues orphans with downs syndrome and other special needs and connects them to their forever family. International adoption is VERY expensive. Many families who want to save an orphan are discouraged by the price tag that comes along with adoption. Reeces Rainbow has found a way to raise money for children during the holiday season, so that when families choose a child from the waiting children list they can be ENCOURAGED that total strangers have helped to make that cost less daunting. You can of course give money at ANY time of the year, but the Angel Tree program is a special time that individual families get to advocate for a child. We have chosen to advocate for Damon. We pray that we raise LOTS of money for him (our goal is $2,500) and we also pray that as people donate they will share this information through blogs, facebook, email and whatever so that someone will come across his adorable little face and choose to be his forever family. Please click on the button to the right of the page with his yummy little face on it and it will take you to the donation page (i believe you have to do this from your computer...dont think it works from your phone). Give whatever you are able to. All donations are anonymous, but I encourage you to PLEASE share this page. A $35 donation will allow you to receive a super cool Christmas ornament with Damon's picture on it so you can pray for him year after year.
We are nearing Christmas time. This is the time to GIVE. Let's not let our Christmas season be about receiving, and toys, and electronics, and dodging the in laws. Start it out with a gift that could last a lifetime.
Have questions...PLEASE ASK!

**PS: If you have QUESTIONS NOW please plan to visit the RECLAIMED Adoption Ministry meeting TOMORROW (Sunday 11/4) 5pm @ the Boerne YMCA. Please email for more details. They will be discussing all aspects of orphan care.

God is moving. He is so very good.

 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Romans 12:12

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