Thursday, September 3, 2009


What an AMAZING day! The boys started preschool today and it was such a success! We made it out of this house this morning with school bags on, lunches packed and BIG smiles! I was so proud of my big boys. Bryce was so excited to go to his new teacher's big classroom with all his friends and Brody was such a sweet boy for his teacher too. I was nervous all day (although I did manage to have a nice day shopping and lunching with my favorite girlfriends lol) and I prayed like a crazy woman all night, and my fears were totally put aside when I walked into two smiling boys at pick up time. Here are some pictures of the special day! My adorable husband surprised me with a brand new pink camera so these moments would not be missed....what would I do without that cute man?

My first teacher, Ms. Rhonda!

Big Boy Bryce

sweet brothers

look, my school bag is bigger than me!

handsome man

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