Tuesday, September 22, 2009

no internet stinks!

So...we have not had Internet for almost 2 weeks!! It has been an absolute nightmare. I have had total withdrawals about my email account, my beloved facebook and even my checking account not to mention no way to update my life on here! I have just been lost and unbelievably UNorganized. So I will not be able to update pictures today because our home internet will still not be back up until Wednesday...but I stopped by Justin's office to make a quick update because I just could not stand it for one more second!
Things that have happened while the move has stolen my livelihood from me...
1. Brody cut his first tooth! HOORAY! The bottom left tooth is coming on in and I cannot wait to see what a big boy he looks like when it comes all the way through.
2. Brody turned ONE! It just seems like yesterday that we were stranded in the hurricane while Brody was trapped in the ICU on endless wires and plugs, awaiting his surgery while we feared the worst. Our family has come such a long way in this past year...and 55 days in the hospital, 3 or so ambulance rides and countless smiles later we have a precious and perfect ONE YEAR OLD MAN! We celebrated his actual birthday with The Simmons Crew and Brody was MORE than excited to jump RIGHT IN his cake and rip apart his presents! We are truly blessed to have him in our lives.
3. Brody had an ER visit...yes another one. It started with low grade fever and everything went south FAST! Luckily we were in our doctors office as it happened. We are blessed with the most AMAZING pediatrician in the entire world. He is very calming and he really takes his time with Brody. We ended up taking an ambulance ride from his office over to the ER where Brody was given some good breathing treatments, some serious suctioning and a hefty steroid dose. A few hours later we were on our way home and Brody was doing tons better. He was back to his old self about 3 days later.
4. We CLOSED ON OUR HOUSE! Finally...sheesh. We were VERY tired of living out in the middle of nowhere where it took 30 minutes to get to the nearest store of any kind. We moved to a precious little area called Leon Springs, which is in between Boerne and San Antonio. We have neighbors now, a local HEB and we are 9 minutes from our church/school in Boerne and 8 minutes from The Rim! So good riddance to the hill country mansion :)
5. The boys had the most super fun birthday party on Friday! We celebrated with a ton of fun friends at the Boerne YMCA. We had a bouncy house, scooters, a jungle gym and of course lots of pizza cake and other goodies! They got way too many fun toys to fill up there big new playroom with! Bryce has really been celebrating a month long of birthday fun. We have had endless cards and gifts in the mail from everyone and it has really been such a blessing to know what loving and sweet people we have in our lives that take time to love on our boys! It has been hard doing all this celebrating without my mom, because nobody puts the party in birthday like MaMaMe...but we know she is watching down on us and having a little party of her own. One of our biggest birthday highlights is a TRAMPOLINE from my dad. Pop Pop always knows how to spoil those boys rotten :)
6. Bryce started soccer! Fall soccer has begun and our sweet little man did great! He was pumped up and ready to rock in all his gear!
OK I know that was the longest post EVER...but we have had so much going on and even more fun things to come. I will be posting about one hundred zillion pictures on Wednesday afternoon so get ready :)

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