Saturday, September 5, 2009

weekend things...

Baby Braxton is now the size of a large mango. I cannot say that I have ever actually held a large mango or even seen one in real life...but that is what google images are for :) I am 23 weeks now and my next appointment is in two weeks I more updates then.

Here are some pics from the Boerne MOPS float we rode on this morning. Our float won first place in the Kendall County Fair Parade! In case you are curious what all this MOPS stuff is that I talk about all the time, you can check out the new blog I am writing for

Bryce has been talking about MaMaMe a whole bunch the past few days. He has been waving to her up in the sky or saying things like "oh MaMaMe would have been so proud of me on my first day of school" or "brody, MaMa really likes it when you are a good boy"...he says his prayers out loud at night and ALWAYS includes her. Sometimes he even thanks God for inviting her to live at His house. I am so encouraged by Bryce's relationship with God. He truly has this huge understanding of his creator and he constantly asks questions (that sometimes I have to REALLY think about). His innocence is such a gift to our family as it reminds us how God really wants our minds to work.

We are counting down to Brody's FIRST BIRTHDAY! 6 more days to go and I cannot decide if I am so excited or if I just want to throw up about it. He is such a big man now. I just feel like it was yesterday that we moved here and I was still gigantically pregnant and awaiting his what a year it has been!

We are headed to the river house tomorrow to spend some time with my family while Justin goes dove hunting so I am sure there will be more pics to post after tomorrow :) Happy Labor Day Everyone!

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