Monday, April 5, 2010


My man Bryce dying Easter eggs...he said "why are they dead"
he thinks he is sooooo cool
cute cute cute cute cute! my handsome boys in the prayer garden at church.
get out of here...they are just like three little men!!!
i cant believe he is 4 1/2
this precious baby did not know what he thought about these flowers. i think he just wanted to eat them...but then he stopped and started clapping for them...maybe he was just thanking God for making something so beautiful

most handsome daddy in the world and his little look alike baby boy!
my little family...look at all those boys...
After all the morning activities we went to Pappasitos for lunch...and look who was there! Bryce said the blessing before lunch "Lord, thank you for making the Easter Bunny, thank you for tortillas, thank you for my babies, and THANK YOU FOR BEING RISEN!!!" Praise God! I am so happy that he was able to enjoy the silly eggs and bunnies parts of Easter BUT still understood that this was a holiday to celebrate Jesus. He told us that he knows all about that because Ms. Joanie (teacher) reads the Bible to him and his friends and because "Mom, we go to church EVERYday!" I am blessed. Amen!

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