Thursday, April 8, 2010

thursday thoughts

1. This saturday my neighborhood is having a garage sale...WAY exciting. I love looking through other peoples junk that will possibly become my new treasure :)

2. I love lilies. I love them so so so so much. Calla Lilies...Stargazer Lilies...Easter Lilies. Love them. And what is it about bluebonnets that make Texans feel so good. Love those too.
3. I wonder what my kids are going to look like when they are older? I want to hear what they will sound like when they are men...admire the handsome faces. Will Bryce really be a cowboy? Will Brody still be a snuggly bear? Will Braxton be a Justin clone?
4. When are we going to be like the Jetsons? Like, when are we going to have a robot maid named rosie that presses a button and bacon and eggs come out...and our hair is fixed with the click of a remote?
5. Bryce keeps changing his name to Joe. He announced to his class today that his name is now Joe. He told the church nursery workers his name was Joe...he really had them fooled. His middle name is Joe...but for some reason he just prefers that. However...I will be calling him Bryce.

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