Thursday, April 1, 2010

thursday thoughts

1. terra chips are delicious! very very very delicious.

2. crying is sooooo good for the soul. i had not done that in QUITE a long time...i let some tears come out today and it felt phenomenal.
3. if you have not read the book "same kind of different as me" then you should. its the current selection for the book club i am in...and its so wonderful.
4. i cannot wait until i am not the lady that makes a scene when she walks in somewhere....a baby carrier in one arm...a non-walking baby in the other arm...a bag the size of my uber talkative and oh so excited 4 year old running ahead... you want to talk about "making an entrance"!! i praise my precious god for the season i am in and for the privilege to carry these crazies around....BUT i cannot wait until we are not hurricane mcelhannon and do not cause every person in a 90 mile radius to say "my you have your hands full" its a love/ hate thing thats for sure!
5. i want more babies. its true. i said it. too bad justin got a vasectomy.

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