Wednesday, July 21, 2010


the ol' blog got a makeover today...i heart naptime!

the picture is just a "temp" while we plan our family portrait. we have not had that done since bryce was one....and lots of things have changed since then. so look for an update there soon.
i am currently sewing brody's napmat! i cannot wait to post pics of the final product! i found the most adorable fabric to use (well he found it when he pulled the whole row of fabric down at joanns). i have finished the 5 week cleanse (no carb) part of my diet plan and lost 15 lbs. i am slowly (very slowly) integrating healthy carbs back into my diet and am continuing my workout program. Only 5 more lbs to go and I will be back to a weight that I have not seen since many diaper changes ago! The hard work is paying off (pats self on back) and I feel better than EVER. More energy is the biggest blessing.
Sidenote - Brody has been asking for a kitty. Seriously. Someone restrain Justin...because he does not know how to say no to Brody!!!

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