Wednesday, July 28, 2010

God's Plan for my calendar...

so lately i have been ON-THE-GO! which is VERY much the norm for this mama...but while browsing at my calendar the other day...i really started to think. we are jam packed. playdates, mops stuff, dr. appts, therapy appts, meetings, training sessions, preschool stuff, visitors, lunches and the list goes on and on and on. what concerns me is that while we are super busy and stimulated and "un-bored"...and at the same time spending googles of time at the church and with loved I doing what God is calling me to do...or am I just doing what I want to do? am i pursuing the friendships that he is sticking in my face (i think i am getting WAY better at this...i have been listening recently and it feels so so so great). am i helping others in the way that i am called to do in this i just doing whats convenient? my time is very very precious. the kids lives are going by just too quickly for me to say aloud..and part of me wants to stop and smell the roses...but the other part of me wants to continue to fulfill our lives with all the cheerfulness and chaotic-ness that we mcelhannons have mastered (well sort of)! we make new friends everyday, the kids are so deliciously and giggly happy, we never sit around and wonder "what now", we dont have time to get dragged down by silly gossip or drama or nonsense like that (which...hello...who really does have time for that...BUT we literally just DONT have time for it) we pray together, laugh together, cry together, do our best to be kind to one another and most of all have FUN together!! but am i doing it all the way that God has planned for me to? am i REALLY listening to Him? i just don't know. i am just so controlling (GASP.) that sometimes i have a hard time remembering to shut up and sit in the passenger seat. i want to wake up in 15 years with no regrets (not ENTIRELY impossible??) i want to fulfill my life more and more each day...i want to enrich my children and husband...i want to teach the kids to give God all the glory...i want to cherish the moments...i want to stop and praise more often (bryce does this a LOT lol)...i want to raise Godly men...i want to stand back and let justin be the spiritual leader...i want to be the woman He created me to be. i need to clear my calendar to accomplish these things? for now i am thinking no...who needs to sleep??
now that that is all settled... i better decide to find the time to finish sewing brody's napmat and paint bryce's shelf :) OH...and love on my preciously sad teething baby :(

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