Thursday, July 29, 2010

update on us in pictures...

Bake Sale Day!
Some great friends of ours planned and baked their hearts out to prepare a bake sale to benefit Zambia. The kids worked hard to raise money for fresh and clean water...well minus all the goodies they ate on their own :)

Brody took a break from all the work to pose for some cute photos...
shopping at the garage sale
how could you pass up these cuties??
bryce said "buy some stuff!!...or else!!"
brody, the professional sign holder
cutest kids in town!
so so so proud of these guys!
we got the chance to run over to the river house for the day
and brody was just too cool for school!!
brody fishing

aunt debbie got out the hammock and bryce hopped right on!
bryce and dylan on our marathon playdate with the carletinni's
ms. mindy's fun game for the kiddos!
my little fisherman braxton
brody got new boots!!! (thanks sam fickey!)

baby shower #2 of the month
congrats leeanne

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