Friday, October 29, 2010

pop pop in the house!!

So...the one and ONLY Pop Pop came into town! Hallelujah! Pop Pop is our hero. Big time. Not only did he let me have some fun with my girlfriends while he was here....BUT TOOK ALL THREE OF MY KIDS TO A FALL FESTIVAL, A PUMPKIN PATCH AND WILD WEST DAYS. Oh yes he did. ALL BY HIMSELF! And are you still wondering why we call him Superhero Pop Pop?? He has no experience in all of this...I was his only child (and hello...i am a girl!). He rocked this weekend...the boys had a BLAST...they did some super fun stuff and as always...Pop Pop spoiled their guts rotten! Love that crazy mustached man :)

here the babies are at Aue Gatorfest.
Stop for a moment...not only did Pop Pop take them here...BUT HE TOOK PICTURES TOO?? Again...Superhero Pop Pop is in the houseeee!

So fun!

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