Tuesday, March 1, 2011

hooty hoo!


1. Do you make a budget and keep it, or just fly by the seat of your pants?
uh oh...well the hubby is the saver/responsible one. that is why i have a little job...i make the FUN money...and what is the FUN in a budget??!! ;)
2. Do you do spring cleaning and if so which month?
i do little spring cleaning throughout the year. sometimes i wake up and it just happens to be a throw everything OUT type of day! i feel like i am constantly shuffling closets around here...bryces to brodys to braxtons to the giveaway/sell box
3. Are you a yard sale lover and do you have them and go to them?
i super love yard sales. justin HATES them. i love having them because its just fun and i like to people watch and i like to make money of my junk even more. justin hates them because he has to drag all of our crap-ola out into the driveway and i usually end up buying all of our neighbors junk.
4. What do you take when you have a headache?
coffee or a coke zero
5. Name 3 things that you feel lucky to have in your life!
my faith, my family and my friends! i am blessed to the moon!!
PS: hold on to your britches...i will be posting about bryces baptism soon!!

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