Sunday, March 20, 2011


This year we actually got to celebrate the awesome-ness that is SPRING BREAK! Justin was able to take a few days off...NOPE that was NOT a typo...its for REAL!!
Please enjoy our week in pictures!
We were SO BLESSED to be able to spend SIX DAYS at my aunt and uncles river house. They are so so so kind to let us use it. Our family has built the most amazing memories there.
Braxton's BFF Xander was able to come and they had the most fun coloring (and eating) with chalk!
Bryce gave Landon and impromptu rock concert...
Then they celebrated the SUN with popsicles and a slip and slide! They SO badly wanted to swim...but well...The FRIO River was cold :)
The highlight of Bryce's trip was s'mores...maybe Ms. Courtneys fave part too!!

When we got home...our sweet Bryce was off to his surgery. He had his 3rd set of tubes, tonsils out and adnoids out. Out little patient got to get in some snuggle time with little brother Brody. How could you not feel better with this sweet little guy lovin on you??
We had a SUPER fun craft day with the Fickey & Simmons crew! Look at all the fun shirts we made!!

Then my little man crew got to celebrate with our SUPER friend SUPER ELI on his very special 3rd birthday! His mama did a great job!! How cute are my Super B's??

Brody checking out the telephone booth...he wouldnt let anyone else in :)
Super Sam!
These little besties are Triple Trouble!!
Most precious moment of the day! Brody got an escort from the cutest blonde at the party!

Then we headed over to another party! Little Layne turned 4!! The boys had a BLAST just running around like little crazies! This picture shows just how much fun Brody this point in the day he his shirtless :)
Surgery Smurgery!
Brody got to go on a ranger ride!!
Then stopped for a quick golf lesson with Mr. Thomas :)
Fun friends on the patio make for a great birthday celebration day!

And we finished off our week with a family day in the backyard! Spring Break... I heart you!

A few things to be praying/excited about:
1. Our mission trip is official! We are going to the Yucatan June 20-27th. More specific prayer requests to come on that.
3. That this last surgery for Bryce will be the LAST surgery for Bryce.
4. We have SIX friends that are engaged! YAY!

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