Sunday, April 3, 2011

and its APRIL...

We have been lovin this weather SO much! So many fun things going on. And I kinda think people are just in a better mood this time of year lol. I am enjoying this season outside...but enjoying the "season" of our family even more. We are flat out all over the place. The two babies are off and in completely different directions. They keep me running...but I wouldnt have it any other way. I know that one day this "season" will be over...I know for some people that may sound appealing...But this is my favorite. There are some places that I cannot go and some things we cannot do and some days that I am VERY tired... and I am OK with that. We are just flat out having a BLAST!
Please continue to pray about our mission trip. Pray protection over us while we are there and for our kids while they are here. It is NOT too early to get started on those prayers!!
Here is our update in pictures:
It is not much because I usually do not have an extra hand for a camera :)! I just get what I can with my phone (which is why they are always so lame) ...

Watching my kids eat macaroni NEVER gets old!
I have been having some pretty fun craft days with friends...
Birthday party madness!! Can you spot my little orange people?
Baby Dedication Day!! kids are wearing ties and this is the best picture I got. Why wont they ever sit still??
How fun is this??
Hope everyone is enjoying spring as much as we are!! We love you all!!!

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