Sunday, April 17, 2011

a little sunday babblin

Hmmm...have I been a pretty bad blogger lately? Yup.

The spring time is always full of so many fun things! Playdates at the park and birthday parties and good movies coming out (go see RIO!!) and baby showers and just fun fun fun! Not much time for sitting at the computer...thats for sure!
This time of year really reminds me of my mom. She loved the warm weather and shorts and eating out on the patio. She loved butterflies and wild flowers and sitting by the pool. She loved crawfish and live music and sitting out looking at the stars. I love every single one of those things too. I am so glad that I have so many memories of doing each one of these things countless times with my mom. She had a good matter what. If you didnt want to have a good time with her...she would go on ahead and have one without you. She would make a friend...standing in line for the bathroom or something. She never met a stranger....hmmm I wonder if I am more like my mom that I thought :)
Right now I want my mom to see Bryce whack the ball over the fence and dance around in delight that we have to walk around the block to get it. I want her to see Brody I want her to see Braxton's smile...when he sees food. I want her to see them play in the sand out back and lay on the trampoline on their bellies teasing the dog. She NEEDS to see them eat cake and bean and cheese does it get in their ears? She needs to see the little hineys filing out of the bathroom after bath time. I want her to hold them when they are sick. I want her to hug me.
I want her to see Justin's smile when he gets his grades in. I want her to know our church family. I want her to be a part of the dance party that takes place here each day before nap time (she totally loved dancing).
She was a mess. One big happy mess. She sometimes drove me crazy with all her mess. But man...I miss it all.
I am so blessed to have had such an amazing mom. I feel undeserving to have been blessed with the most amazing parents in the world. My dad has taken on the role of our family's biggest fan. Pop Pop is a rockstar. Our family and church family and our friends wrap us up in love and support so much...that on nights like this when I get to missin my mama...I can't help but smile. Our support system rocks my socks off and we wouldnt be who we are where we are without them. You know who you are....and we love you.

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