Sunday, April 24, 2011


We spent a lot of time at church over the past week taking part in some pretty cool activities. Bryce and I went through the Journey of the was amazing. It was so cool for Bryce to be able to SEE the things he has been told about. Our Good Friday service was also incredible...another visual experience for Bryce (and us!). This Easter we were able to do all the fun Easter things like bunnies and eggs and baskets and candy....BUT we really REALLY got to spend time soaking up the love of our savior. What a sacrifice...what a gift...what a just...WOW! Each time I tell the story to Bryce or even my preschool class...I am amazed at His love for us. I know the story front to back (Bryce knows it better)...but it still amazes me to my core each time I say it aloud. Bryce has a very sincere understanding of God's plan and the truth of the Bible. I am blessed each day by his love for the Lord and his hunger for the word!! Thanks FBC Boerne for making this Easter so filled with TRUTH and fun and everything great!

Here is some of our Easter fun in pictures...
Easter baskets!!

the easter bunny brought tee balls! hooray for him!
sweet brody

braxton being bossy
LOVE this baby!!!
where are all the eggs?

cute and cute
river house easter egg madness!
hanging with my handsome

are you sick of looking at us yet?
church easter egg hunt!

the easter bunny was at starbucks! how convenient for me!
the easter bunny that went to the river house was a lot fancier than the one that came to our house. our bunny brought jelly beans and nickels...this guy brought the big bucks!

And well... this has nothing to do with Easter...but look at the fun art party I went to with my friends!!

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