Tuesday, May 17, 2011


lots of things happening around this joint!

here are some highlights!
1. Bryce graduated preschool! This is extremely sad for me. I know that he will do great in kindergarten and I KNOW that he is more than ready...but I am sad that he will not be all mine everyday. I am sad that I won't be friends with his teachers like I am now. I am sad that he will not learn about Jesus during the day. I am sad that kindergarten starts and before I know it...he will be applying for college. This is the beginning of the fast track to crazy town....the McElhannons are aboard!!
Thank goodness I still have two precious guys at FBC Preschool.

2. I got to be a part of an AMAZING event for my sweet friend Katie! The One Less 5k/3k was a HUGE success! I was so honored to witness God's perfect orchestration! The weather was PERFECT...the most fun people in the world were there...the park was beautiful...and the best part was the Fickey family gave God every bit of the glory!!
I cannot wait to see and help with future One Less Races!!

3. This mission trip is for real. I am in awe of how quickly it is happening! We leave in 33 days! YIKES! I have never been away from my kids for this long(7 days). I know they are going to be so loved on...but man it is going to be HARD! We are starting to plan crafts for VBS and skits and lessons that we will teach the sweet children. I cannot wait to love on those kids. I am already starting a list in my brain of what all needs to happen...three kids going three different places = a LOT of planning/packing. Here is where we are going:

4. My most precious dad in the world came in town and watched my boys for FOUR DAYS so I could go to a beach retreat with my preschool friends. I dont know how I got so lucky...but our Pop Pop ROCKS! Justin was here to help him at night and on Sunday...but the rest of the time he was on his own. The boys had such a fun time. They all 3 cried their faces off when we dropped him off at the airport.
Here are some pics of his time with the boys:

(eating jello...in diapers of course!)

My weekend away was so fulfilling! Our preschool director rented condos for us at Port Royale and filled our weekend with Bible Studies, lots of fellowship and plenty of pool time!
Here are some pics of that:
80's NIGHT!!!

beach fun!

5 and on...Amanda and Cade came for a visit from Houston! We had so much fun with them and were so excited about how relaxed they were around all of our crazies.
I hosted a baby shower for Amber...did I take any pictures? Nope. What a dummy.
We have got to have some great playdates and spend time with super fun friends.
I have already got to start celebrating my birthday! How cool is that??
We have started the PPCD evaluation process for Brody. I am 100 million percent giving that to God....so I am interested to see what His plan is. Next meeting is May 26th. We have definitely determined that he will NOT go full time...but we are leaving the door open for part time or even just therapy.
We have completed tball season! Our guys made it to the 3rd round of the tournament! Go Rattlers!! We were so blessed to have such an awesome coach and are hoping to be on his team in the future!
We are so looking forward to a super awesome summer....lots of fun planned so get ready for some cute pics!!

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