Monday, September 5, 2011

life this weekend

i wish i could could have pressed the pause button this morning. we had such a great weekend....and now justin is a lot of hours away in stinky cleveland.

justin has his appointment tomorrow at 10am. please pray for doctors wisdom, pray that the "game plan" will not include him staying for too long, pray this week will not drag by.
many of you know that we are going on a "diet"...but it is not really a diet...its a lifestyle change. it will nourish our bodies in the way God intended for them to be nourished and it will bless all of those participating in such incredible ways. i just know it. its a 40 day program that will leave you cleansed and with a whole new outlook on what you put in your body. thank you so much for those that are going to "suffer" with us through this. i KNOW that many of justins symptoms will vanish after he starts this. he can't do it if you havent jumped on the bandwagon...then get on NOW! check out:
also...please pray for me and the boys as we start work/preschool tomorrow. its going to be an early morning and a long day for all of us...but they will have so much fun with their amazing teachers and really cute friends. i cannot wait to be with my new kiddos tomorrow! its gonna be one crazy day! i am so thankful for all the support we have right now. i dont know what i would do without my friends. justin is not here with me...but i am SO not alone. i have such a great God who wraps me up tightly and his children who live daily as His hands and feet and then these three beautiful little boys that remind me that miracles happen EVERY day.
here is our weekend in pictures...

bryce and i were excited to go on a fun date with some crazy fun friends on saturday night. he needed that special time for sure...and he had a BLAST! i hope i dont get kicked out of my sunday school class for these pictures (they are like ALL aggies lol).

how incredible is this picture? he makes my heart so warm and cozy.

i love me some CW!!
on the way home...
justin and i decided that we would go ahead and celebrate the big boys birthdays. it is heartbreaking to think that justin may miss these two special days that are coming up. we had some yummy cake and justin gave each of the boys a present. bryce got some cool shirts and brody got an elmo cell phone. they were so excited and it was truly a special little moment.

brody LOVED it when we sang to him!!!!

mops parade!

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