Sunday, October 2, 2011

are you still praying?

here is what has been happening around here:

1. i got to go on my first round top trip with my friend mandy! we had a great time talking and talking and talking and we even made some time for shopping :) we both found some great stuff!
2. bryce turned 6! more on that later.
3. justin saw a local pulmonologist. his breathing test results were not favorable, but justin was pleased with the doctors honesty and interest in his case. this new doctor feels very confident that the scarring in his lungs is being caused more by the scleroderma than the fungus. this is not good news.
4. bryce did GREAT in his bike rodeo! the babies had a great time cheering on him and McCoy! the Aue Gator was even there which Brody thought was AWESOME.
5. Our renters moved out of our Houston house. :(
6. pop pop is here!!! bryce asked to go camping for his my dad came in to take him out to the ranch! i stayed over at the river house with the babies and some friends....and bryce had a blast!
7. justin will see a new dr. tuesday and leaves for cleveland in 15 days. he is still throwing up most nights and still experiencing negative side effects from the medication. he has tried to lessen his dosage of the steroids and the leg pain has come back.
8. brody LOVES school. he loves his ppcd class so so so much and loves coming to preschool a two days a week also. his speech has improved so much in just a few short weeks. i am so proud of him. he thinks he is a big fancy boy he has been getting out of his crib :( bummer.
9. we are still trucking along on the makers diet! we are on day 27 and feeling great! justin has found some things on the diet that he never would have eaten before...he is now learning what he can and cannot eat and at what parts of the day he can eat. he cannot eat past 5pm and has to be very careful on what he chooses for the last meal of the day.
10. thanks to some SERIOUSLY incredible people we are going to get to have a date night friday. we have realized that i will not be able to join justin in cleveland and we desperately need some time together. most of our time is spent talking about doctors appointments, insurance, medical bills and his current symptoms. we are feeling super weary.
we are leaning on God so hard right now and He is holding us up. He has provided us with a support system that just cannot be beat. i have begged for restoration and clarity with many things recently and as God is faithful and He provides.
please never stop praying for us.

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