Wednesday, October 19, 2011

there is a plan stan

Justin is currently in Cleveland. He had some tests yesterday and met with his team of doctors today. Get ready for some information! WE HAVE A PLAN!! Praise our Father for his always perfect timing and his strength during the time we have been waiting.
The infection in Justins lungs is minimal enough to now start new treatment. One of the biggest concerns for his lungs was that the doctors were not able to tell if it was the scleroderma or the infection that was causing so much of the haziness in his lungs. Hallelujah that is was INFECTION! Because HELLO that is treatable and scleroderma is not. He still has quite a bit of scarring in the lungs...but the doctor was very pleased that it had NOT progressed. Ready for the plan? Well here it is:
He will do monthly IVIG infusions. This is an in patient (meaning he will need to be admitted for treatment each month) procedure that replaces antibodies and will help neutralize his immune system. He will need to do this forever.
He has now been cleared for the Prograf. We have been talking about this one for awhile now. This is the organ anti rejection medication that will help his body from being so mean to itself. It is an immunosupressant so we need to remain cautious and on guard with his health.
This combination of medications will hopefully allow the doctors to begin weaning him off this high steroid doses faster. The side effects are getting the best of weaning off will be a huge help. There is concern with his bone density and several GI procedures coming up. He has been on osteoporosis medication since day one of all we are going to be exploring options with something that will be more helpful. He will possibly have a stint placed in his stomach to help out with all the esophageal mumbo jumbo and he has some other scope type things to do as well.
He needs a medication that is only available in Canada. His Rheumatologist STRONGLY suggests that he get on this medication right away. He has written him a prescription and the rest is up to us. So...maybe we are heading to Canada! Yikes! Is this really our life?? Yup.
He will continue chemo treatments every six months. So he will be up for his next treatment in December. Can you believe that this whole story has only taken place in 4 months? Unimaginable.
He will also need to return to Cleveland in December so the doctors can monitor the prograf.
I think I remembered everything. What a DAY! Whew. I am pooped and I wasnt even there!
This is the first non-discouraging news we have had in months. I cant really say its super encouraging...I mean thats a lot of business for my cute 28 year old husband to have going on in his body BUT the bottom line is the Lord is present and we are thankful.
Please pray that he can come home soon. His flight has been pushed back twice now due to weather.
Thank you to our prayer warriors who have stood solidly by our side. Thank you for those who are there right we need them and for those who wait in the wings praying consistently for us. I have been blessed with the best friends a girl could ever ask for. I feel like I should pinch did I get so lucky?

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