Wednesday, October 26, 2011

macs are so cooty-licious

what a day.
i cant catch my breath.
i started the day yesterday with a trip to see my dr. because i was feeling SO yuck. thankfully he is aware of justins situation (because he is justins dr too) and treated me aggressively. i was super careful to not breath around justin and even though i felt like poo i disinfected our room and bathroom.....but unfortunately i was too cooty-licious :(
justin had a scheduled pulmonology appointment today with dr. N. he was immediately concerned with justins breathing and realized that he had a fever. he sent justin straight over for an xray and told him to be prepared to be admitted. he still has pending blood work, but praise jesus he got to come home! he has a steroid induced uti and stinky bronchitis. he is already on 3 antibiotics and is now on another and also an inhaler. it is getting tricky to find medications that he can take for these little bugs that do not interfere with the BIG medications he is on. dr. N wants to keep a close eye on this and will see him again friday.
just as i was getting REALLY bummed. like major bummed. i was reminded of God's precious grace. it was in His perfect timing that justin already had that appointment scheduled for today. it was more than a blessing that the chicken noodle soup fairy stopped by yesterday, the corn dog fairy came by this afternoon and the paleo lasagna fairy came by tonight. i am feeling a LOT better and was able to focus on justin this afternoon. i am still trying to get a handle on our upcoming schedule. he will need to have bloodwork done every week to monitor the prograf. it is a very dangerous drug and has to be watched closely. he will see an oncologist monday to discuss his infusion plan. God gave us another little golden nugget the other day when we realized that we will NOT have to travel to canada for his other medication! one of my very dear friends is married to a magical medicine maker (just kidding...he is a for real legit pharmacy guy) and he will be able to help justin out with that.
in our little world there is lots of yuck...but there is not so much time to feel discouraged. The Lord fills our time with greatness and blessings and answered prayers and friendships and cute little boys.
We sit around sometimes trying to figure it all out. Why is this happening? Why can't we catch a break? Why can't we have just a regular boring life? Even just a normal day?
It isnt our job to figure it out. In Job 38 God speaks to him and asks where were you when I created the foundations of the earth. And Job shuts right on up. Because where we when the Lord created the oceans and clouds and mountains and snow? Job declared he was speechless and in awe...and so are we. Job was shown so clearly the existence of God and I feel so excited that we have too. God is constantly showing himself to us through various pieces of our day. Are we listening? Are we busy talking or planning or worrying? Or are we stopping to make time to listen to his whispers? Are we rushing around busy and never sitting still....or are we stopping to see His great works all around us?
We sure do not have it all figured out. We struggle and we sin and we have crummy stinky days. But...God is still waiting there for us at the end of those days. Holding an umbrella up over our rainy day and pointing to the beautiful rainbow in the distance.

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