Sunday, January 22, 2012

cleveland closed...for now

Some doors have recently been closed. We prayed hard for the Lord to show us what we were supposed to be doing. We have often felt lost during this time or like the cast members of a really confusing movie (like inception). Last week a BIG door was closed. We didnt realize right away because we were too busy freaking out...but a big important door closed. We will not be going back to Cleveland. After much prayer and lots of consultation with his MANY doctors that see him here, a decision was made. Chasing a doctor that can "cure" Justin is becoming a burden that is just not worth it. Not that Justin's life isnt worth every dollar/plane trip/doctor visit in the world. It is. He is worth more than the stars in the sky. He is a son to the king. He is a daddy. He is a precious and handsome and amazing husband. He is a friend. He is really funny. It is just physically, emotionally and medically no longer necessary for him to "chase a cure" It sounds like defeat, but it is really so much more. It is rest. It is peace. It is understanding. We are helpless and hopeful at the same time. That is a pretty tricky place to be. It requires LOTS of constant time at the foot of the cross. Continuously pouring into His word. Asking often for forgiveness and more strength for when we get angry/mad/really sad. So what does this mean? It means for now we are going to stick with the 9 local doctors that he has. We are going to consider the term that he has been deemed "unfixable"...and we are going to just wait for the Lord to show us what to do next. He saw a nuerologist on Friday who really gave him a lot of insight into what he should look forward to and what he should just accept for now. He sent him for a brain MRI and did a few other tests that we will hopefully have results from on Tuesday. He will also hopefully have some results available tomorrow from the eye specialist. So when the doctors from Cleveland called to cancel Justins was really an answer to much prayer.

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