Sunday, January 8, 2012

get busy

you know that speed clean thing that we do when someone is gonna pop over or our hubby's are in route home from work? oh you had a rough day/you were on facebook too much/there was a real housewives marathon/you get the idea. you run around in a mad panic and throw things here there and everywhere. shove the unfolded clothes back into the dryer. pull the comforter up..who the heck cares where the sheet is. a quick counter top intervention. flush a few toilets. slap on some lipstick and VOILA! you are a domestic goddess.

oh you dont do this ever? then stop reading now because we are no longer friends.
anyways, i was thinking today that there are times that i do this with my spiritual life. i get fired up and run to my bible and soak as much in as i can or i start a new study or have a great conversation with a friend about where the Lord wants me.
but the thing is...i always realize that the Lord wants me with Him all the time. i have this bursting "camp high" feeling right now and its so moving that i want to bottle it up and spritz some on next month. i have come a LONG long way in the past 18 months. i have redirected myself in many areas. some were harder than others. i had to mold my surroundings and do some serious spring cleaning before i was able to give a big part of myself to Him.
i thought i may miss out on something cool and worldly if i gave too much of me to the Lord. well i was missing out big time. i am so excited that i stopped and smelled the beautiful roses that Jesus laid out for me. i have learned through the past 5 years that He is without a doubt my strength and heart and guardian....but there is SO so so much more. He is my all. ALL. that is a lot of stuff.
i read recently that ghandi said "i like your christ, but i do not like your christians. your christians are nothing like your christ" well humph. and darn because that is true in many cases. i will speak only for myself, but judgmental and irrational and over emotional about silly stuff....i bet those were things that Christ was NOT.
how can i strive to be more like Him?
this does NOT mean how can i strive to be more like him when:
a. i am at church
b. i am praying
c. i am at a church function
d. i am doing bible study
e. you get the idea
how can i strive to be more like Him ALL the time.
a. when i am in a bad mood
b. when i want to punch the insurance lady in the face
c. when my kids dump out the blankety blank all over the flipping blank.
d. when justin works late for the 9th day this week
e. when haters are hatin
f. when the doctor tells justin his prognosis just got a wee shorter
g. oops....i have a lot more of these :(
i want people to look at our family and see His light shining through. NOT just because we have a juicy story to share...but because THAT is just who we are. i feel like there is this huge parade going down main street right now and i want to be IN it screaming and shouting my love for the lord. i dont want to be standing on the side waiting for a lollipop to smack me in the face. i dont want to watch the parade go by. i want to be more purposeful in all things that i do.
i am thankful for the last 7 months. its been like a boot camp for life. we trimmed a lot of fat around here. ooey gooey non christ filled fat. yuck. goodbye.
i dont know if we would have the focus we do right now if justin was not sick. so i am thankful for this opportunity. its an opportunity to put a WHOLE lot of things in order and perspective. its a DEEP CLEAN. its a bleach the toilets and dust the ceiling vans and vacuum under the couch kind of cleaning.
i am going to deep clean my life. over and over.
you should join me.

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