Tuesday, January 3, 2012

twenty twelve.

I am not usually much of a resolutions girl. I constantly make resolutions all year and the pressure of big ones in January usually just stresses me out. But this year I have decided that this is a perfect time to get focused and make some goals.

1. We are back on the makers diet. We fell off for a little while there with all the craziness of life BUT Justins resting blood sugar level is around 250...so it was time to make a lifestyle change.
2. I will continue to trust the Lords big plan for the peeps in this mac shack.
3. I will shake them haters off.
4. I will read the bible chronologically following this plan: http://www.esv.org/assets/pdfs/rp.chronological.pdf
Thanks Mandy for sharing!
5. I will yearn for my loved ones with the love of christ jesus (phil 1:8).
6. I will make a better effort of QUALITY time with my family and close friends.
7. I will try to have less urges to break my phone when doctors offices/insurance companies put me on hold for 57482 hours.
8. I will love my family each day like it may be our last day together.

Ok so I dont have 10. But I think 8 is good for now. I am not sure how I feel about a new year. What could this year possibly have in store for us? I dont know...but bring it on twenty twelve.

In other news: We are currently scheduled to follow up/more testing with eye dr, see the neurologist, pain management dr, pulmonologist, hematologist, have a chemo infusion and go to cleveland. It is going to be a busy month. Scheduling all of that was just short of a nightmare, but I kept my panties out of a wad (most of the time) and got it done. Please pray that each appointment is informative and that we do not need any new doctors. I think we have each part of the body covered at this point.
Pray for sweet little Bryce Mac as he has been asking lots of questions lately about Daddy. He is concerned and although he is easily distracted by fruit snacks or the disney channel...it still hurts our hearts to hear him ask. He has a tender heart and we share with him as much as we feel is necessary for a six year old and we ask him to pray for daddy every single day. And he proudly does.
There is a contract on our Houston house (PRAISE JESUS!) so please stop and pray that everything will be smooth sailing and we can kiss that baby goodbye! It would be one less thing to worry about and then we can start making big decisions on our long term plans here.
Trying to keep this world organized is becoming a bigger task each day. I am comforted in knowing that this is the specific job that the Lord chose for me. I am sad that we have to know this type of "suffering" but I am thankful for the way God has made his presence so very clear. Doing this without Him on our team is unimaginable.
Join us in our makers/paleo fast at www.justinishungry.blogspot.com
thanks for keeping up

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