Sunday, April 8, 2012

lots of pictures. and some other stuff.

So, here is the deal. Things are hard around these parts right now. Doctors are throwing some curve balls. Some pretty scary ones. I will spare the details for now, simply because BIG decisions need to be made. So for now we just need some prayer ya'll. A good old fashion downpour. Get on your knees ladies and gentlemen. Now. We are going to makes some (MORE!) dietary adjustments. On top of all the other fun/naughty food we have cut out...gluten is a goner. No more gluten and while I have been dairy free for awhile now (except for when I cheat duh) we are going to completely cut dairy out of Justin's diet as well. These are not things that doctors have recommended, BUT we are not gonna go down without a fight. Eating makers/paleo pretty much cuts out all the nonsense anyways, but there are some more adjustments to make. It has been overwhelming to watch the "bad days" keep on increasing. Our "normal" just keeps on changing day after day. Maybe THAT is the new "normal" - I can't keep up.
We are pooped. I say we, but for real I cannot even imagine how pooped he is! Prayers for peace, discernment and a full restoration will do for now. Thanks friends.

Now on to the fun stuff, because you know we do not have time for this to stop all the FUN!

Tabletop Treasures is a fun event hosted by Womens Ministry at our church. I got to decorate a table with my good friend Laura. We had so much fun eating a delish dinner with friends and hearing D'Auns amazing story on WAITING. Yup...I needed to hear that one!
Here are some pics of our table:


We had a good time celebrating all the Easter fun. We pulled out our baskets and eggs and bunnies and cute plaid shorts. It was great. But, we also talked lots and lots about the REAL stuff. You know, the part of Easter that IS NOT about baskets, eggs, bunnies and plaid shorts. Bryce learned what a "chreaster" is (hilarious) and we all had a reality check as we thought about His precious body up on that cross. Puts pain into perspective.
No matter what your battle.

Easter Part 1 - Fun at FBC
(please excuse the lack of pictures of Bryce from this day. i honestly think he is precious and probably did some really cute things, but i missed it. OK.)
this is not an attempt to be funny - he for real thought this was a hat

Easter Part 2 - Egg hunt @ home

sweet big brother sharing some eggs with the toder

Easter Part 3 - River House!

golden egg baby!

And then some random stuff...
these boys have some pretty cute little friends dont you think?
brody is REALLY good at wall balls
And I am just going to end on this note: Bryce, Brody and Braxton are some lucky guys to have Justin as their Daddy. He does one heck of a job loving on these little stinkers. He plays with them any chance he gets and when he needs to rest...well...he always has a buddy that is willing to rest with him. Amen.

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